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The Queue: I love utterly impractical swords

Look at that thing.

I love it. I love every pointless, over-designed centimeter of it. I love that it has blade catchers on the back. I love that the blade’s sweep makes it entirely unbalanced. I love that hilt with the giant moon that looks like an eye. You’d probably injure yourself swinging this thing if it actually existed, and I love it.

This is the Queue. World of Warcraft is completely, totally ridiculous, and that’s what’s good about it.

The Queue: Ridiculously big weapons are fun

The Blade of the Tribes. It’s a pretty awesomely ludicrous weapon. We’re well past the point of plausibility here. I also crafted a War of the Dead, and that’s pretty crazy too. I love Mighty Weapons. I wish WoW had them. Arms Warriors could use them.

This is the Queue. Let’s talk Blizzard. There will be spoilers for Legion here, as well as for World of Warcraft Chronicle.

The Queue: Music, for I am Erich Zann

No, I’m not. I mean, sure, everyone else is appointing themselves things. But I’m not. I’m just me. Listening to music, looking over yesterday’s Queue for questions to answer. Hopefully I’ll get this done in a manner that satisfies you all.

Today’s header image is my warrior on the Alpha. That sword is ridiculously oversized on a Tauren Male.

Let’s talk Blizzard games. Or maybe I’ll snap and talk about dinosaurs. It’s always up in the air.

The Queue: Robot Bunnies Are Adorable

Okay, so it’s clearly a little too interested in that corpse there. But it’s still adorable!

It’s the Queue. We talk about Blizzard games. There may be spoilers for Legion. I’m listening to Synchronicity II from the album Synchronicity by the Police, or as I like to call them, Stewart Copeland‘s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. (The man was an amazing drummer.)

And now, your questions and my answers.

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