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The QueueMar 7, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Shut up Cho’gall

Did you know that you can see Cho’gall before the first fight in Highmaul even begins? He’s in the cells behind the elevator — apparently when he traveled to Highmaul after Nagrand, he was thrown in prison. As the elevator lifts you into the arena, Cho’gall starts to laugh. Either he’s gleeful because he knows that stuff is about to go down that will allow him to start his hostile takeover, or he thinks your transmog looks really, really funny. Probably the latter, because Cho’gall has absolutely no manners at all. Or, you know, sanity for that matter.


Q4TQ: My understanding is that the Warcraft RPG is not considered canon. Is it still considered worthwhile to read books like “Lands of Conflict” to get information regarding lore to fill in gaps in the canon, or should I not even bother?

I wouldn’t bother. The only thing I use the RPG guides for these days is as a vague guideline for lifespans of the various playable races out there. Of course, the ages and lifespans given aren’t “canon” or official, but for many of the Warcraft races, they’re the only resource we had, the only reference material that existed. But the majority of the characters and events that were written for the book aren’t canon at all — which means as far as the game and the franchise is concerned, they never happened or existed.

Every now and again we’ll have a character pop up that was originally from the RPG books, but that’s not a sign that the guides themselves are suddenly canon, it’s just Blizzard picking and choosing what pieces and characters they’d like to use within the game and establish as canon.


Q4tQ: Speaking of Yrel, did we ever talk about who will take over for Velen? Will it be her or is there someone else worthy of this title?

The draenei are currently being led by the Council of Exarchs — I don’t believe they have established a new Prophet at this point in time, and I don’t know if they will or not.


Q4TQ: is there any way to not be spammed to death by livefyre notifications each and every time I comment on one of your articles ? Having to Unsubscribe each and every time is a major deterrent to commenting on anything.

I know this was answered in the comments, but I think it’s probably worth repeating in the main column just in case other people don’t know. Hover over your profile picture just above the box to add a comment, and you’ll see a dropdown. Click Edit Profile, and you can adjust how often you’re notified for a variety of things via the Email Notifications tab.


Q4tQ: Podcast Episode 5? Did it get lost?

We’re working on some technical issues on our end. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been lost, and will be released as soon as it’s good to go!


Just watched the new legendary cinematic, and it got me wondering- who is Gul’dan’s voice actor? It’s so deliciously sinister. The voice acting in general this xpac has been so good.

You know, I scoured the internet to find the answer to that question and I was unable to find it, oddly enough. His voice is amazing, I totally agree. I’m going to look into this further and see if I can find the right answer.


QFTQ: How did you celebrate Bring Your Action Figure to Work Day?

Is … is that a thing? Is that really a thing? I mean I work from home so my office is pretty much full of action figures anyway. Mostly Blizzard, but I do have a really nice Joker action figure from The Dark Knight Returns. Series 1. He’s in a white suit and looks particularly diabolical.


I always speculate what is going to happen next in Wow and Khadgar has had my head spinning all expansion.  Out of all the choices (Medivh, Sargeras, Kil’Jaeden, Gul’dan, opr himself), Who do you want Khadgar to be and how would you like to see his story play out at the end of this expansion and in future expansions?

Well, those aren’t really the only choices — I mean, those are just the ones I picked out for Know Your Lore. For me, it’s not so much whether or not I’m right as it is just fun going over all of the possibilities and trying to solve a puzzle that may or may not actually exist. However, I think that the thought of him being our universe’s Gul’dan is the most entertaining, just because it’s the weirdest out of the bunch. And it would be really entertaining, in a way, if we defeated Gul’dan only to have Gul’dan possess Gul’dan’s corpse and suddenly had to deal with death-knight-mega Gul’dan.

But honestly out of them all, I think Kil’jaeden would provide the most bang for the buck. He’d be making up for his failure to get the orcs firmly under the wings of the Legion, and it’d make him a lot more threatening than he was back in Burning Crusade puddle-mode. I had to admit though, his emergence from the Sunwell was one of the most amazing boss appearances I’ve seen in game. It was really well animated.

I’m guessing that Khadgar is probably just Khadgar, because Blizzard doesn’t necessarily leap towards a lot of the really out-there story moments. That moment where Gul’dan says “Khadgar,” quotes included, is possibly just a giant red herring that they stuck in there specifically to make all the people that follow the lore wonder what exactly was going on. Throw us off the trail. You never know!


I’m curious, out of all of the past tinfoil hat editions, how many were accurate or came to be?

There were a few — it wasn’t entire theories, it was sections of theories, generally. Way back when I made that star map of Azeroth, I suggested that the Old Gods were directly responsible for everything that was going crazy for the dragonflights. That ended up being somewhat correct and confirmed in Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects. I did a TFH edition speculating on what potentially could be in Mists of Pandaria, and while none of the plot stuff I dreamed up actually happened, the pandaren ending up being a neutral race, and we ended up getting monks out of the deal. Rossi and I both correctly called it when we guessed that the mogu were actually Titan constructs gone wrong at some point. It’s basically just bits and pieces of tinfoil hats, but never in their entirety.

And we still don’t know what Elune is, but Blizzard totally isn’t telling either way. Some mysteries are best left unsolved!

That’s it for today’s edition of the Queue — don’t forget to leave questions for tomorrow!

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