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The QueueMar 9, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: A terribly wonderful idea

I really don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to give a firework on a stick to an overly rambunctious pug, but the end result is utterly adorable. And a total fire hazard. I wonder if there’s anyone on Draenor offering any kind of home or property insurance?


Since Bolvar was mentioned today, lore speculation: how do you think it would play out if Varian and/or Anduin learned the truth?

Varian knows about it already, but he’s deliberately keeping it from Anduin. Seeing as how Bolvar was pretty much like a second father to Anduin while Varian was off being kidnapped by Onyxia/split into two/serving as a gladiator/basically having really weird adventures, knowing what really happened to Bolvar in Icecrown would probably break Anduin’s heart. I’m sure he’ll learn about it some day, but I think he’d probably take the news very hard.

And he’ll probably be less than happy that his father kept that news from him.


Q4TQ: Which song are you using in your garrison at the moment and why isn’t it Grizzly Hills?

I actually use Grizzly Hills a lot, it’s fairly peaceful background noise. I throw the Darkmoon Carousel or Karazhan Opera track in there sometimes too, just to mix it up a little.


If you worked at Blizzard in charge of voiceovers, and had an unlimited budget, whom would you hire to do voiceover work in WoW? For me, it would be Miguel Ferrer – he’s deliciously good as the bad guy in Mulan, and always reminds me of my favorite actor, his father, Jose Ferrer

I have to second another commenter — Alan Rickman, hands down.


Anyone else notice Rashma quit selling Excess Potions of Accelerated learning?

Those potions have moved, they haven’t disappeared! Your Garrison quartermaster now sells them, along with a host of other delightful items.


Who can drink who under the table, Pandaren or Dwarf?

I think that would end in a stalemate with both participants passed out. And then an argument about who passed out first when they woke up. This argument would of course be solved by another drinking contest.


Q4tQ: If you could reboot WoW, where would you start it from? What races would you include/exclude? Who would be your faction leaders?

Honestly, I think I’d start it from the same point, because that was a logical place for World of Warcraft to begin. However, I think I’d make it a point to include the rescue of Varian Wrynn as part of the original vanilla storyline, on Alliance side, instead of just leaving it in the comics. I think it would have given players an even more compelling reason to hunt down and kill Onyxia, provided resolution to that storyline, and given the Alliance a strong leader figure heading into Burning Crusade.


But.. but… Ner’zuls death knights are a variation of Gul’dans. Both are made by trapping the soul in to a runeblade. Gul’dan’s Death Knights are version 1.0, Ner’zul’s are 2.0 I could see a case being made for Player Death Knights being 3.0 they might be a copy of a copy, but they are still related.

Not so much. Gul’dan’s death knights weren’t warriors, they were never warriors — the souls that occupied the bodies of fallen Stormwind warriors were those of orc warlocks. The Lich King’s death knights swore themselves to evil, sacrificing their souls to his will in exchange for power, wholly in service of the Lich King.

Point being that Gul’dan’s version of death knights involved a soul transplant of sorts. The Lich King’s death knights simply gave over their own souls to the Lich King’s will — at least the first ones did. Others were raised and bound to the Lich King’s will, but it was always the same, one soul, one body, no transfer involved.


Q4TQ, Where did  my druid flightform and waterforms go?  Are we getting them back?

They have been rolled into your all in one travel form button. If you’re in water, you’ll automatically switch to aquatic form when you hit that button. If you’re in a place where flying is allowed, you’ll turn into your flight form. If you’re in a place where flying is not allowed, or you don’t have the required level of flying for a particular zone, you’ll switch to your ground travel form.

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