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Breakfast TopicMar 21, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Where do you want to go next in WoW?

For all that World of Warcraft offers a huge game world filled with millions of players, the actual game is very much on rails. Sure, you can decide whether you want to raid or PvP, but you don’t have a say on who leads your faction and you can’t decide to start blocking Khadgar’s calls (seriously, why does he need our help for everything?). Sure, you can ignore big game events, but doing so is likely to lock you out of key in-game events… like those legendary rings Khadgar dangles in front of us in exchange for doing his (possibly evil) bidding.

But if you were in charge of choosing your own in-game destiny, what would you do? Where would your character go? What expanses of Azeroth would you explore?

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