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The QueueMar 21, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Mr. Grubbs goes on holiday

Mr. Grubbs, let’s be honest, here. You’re … well I hate to say it, but you’re a grub. Which is sort of like one step removed from a worm. Which means that the very last place you should probably be wandering is the Fishing Shack, because let’s face it, Mak’jin over there probably thinks you look like some pretty amazing bait. So if you could kindly restrict your afternoon jaunts to the other side of the garrison, that would be great.

I worry about my pets sometimes.


Q4TQ: I read “The Code of Rule” (thanks for linking it, Anne), and I had a question: is the idea of “Breakers” new to WoD, or did Ogres (or another race) have something similar previously?

Blood elves (or more accurately, high elves) have had spell breakers for a long time, and the concept is about the same — warriors who have mastered the arcane arts so thoroughly that they are immune to magical effects. They were introduced in Warcraft III as Blood Elf units, but they were probably present long before the Scourge hit and Kael’thas chose to rename the survivors.

For the ogres, this is kind of interesting and new lore. Keep in mind all of our dealings with ogres to date have mostly been with the … slightly less than intelligent variety. The fact that ogres managed to pull this off is pretty fascinating, especially with the methods they used. What are those stones, and where did they come from? It’s a pretty intriguing mystery.


Q4tQ: does anyone else think Hearthstones should be considered “Player Spells” like racial spells are? We all have them and it’s a waste of space in the bag to have to occupy TWO spaces for them (Garthstone being the other one we have) and we can make things like the Innkeeper’s daughter toys and potentially pave the way for other teleportation items like Last Relic of Argus to be toys as well

I don’t know, I kind of like the idea that my character is never without her fancy rock with the swirly bit on it. It’s the one thing that absolutely everyone has in their bags (with the exception of mages, perhaps). If you had mentioned this six or seven years ago, I think I would have said yes, that would be an excellent idea — but we’ve got so much bag space these days that one slot dedicated to everyone’s favorite rock doesn’t seem like a huge burden.


Not really a question for the queue, more a statement.  All of the “Garrison Chores” (mining, herbalising, picking up and refilling orders, that daily quest for a weapon enhancement token) should be automatically completed on one’s birthday.

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

(No really though, that would be kind of neat!)


How do you guys name your Battle Pets? After watching some of my pets run around my Garrison without proper names, I started to feel sad for them. So I’ve decided to name them all.

It depends on the pet. Some are named after friends of mine — my orange tabby cat is named after an old friend I knew in vanilla, who never went anywhere on his rogue without an orange tabby cat out. He said it was because he really liked cats, but he was allergic to them out in the real world so he could never have one.

Some I just arbitrarily name with whatever comes to mind — my Lost of Lordaeron is named Harold, because I figured Harold was a likely name for a Lordaeron resident who met an untimely demise during the Third War. I have another ghost who is named Boo, for obvious reasons.

And then every single last spider I have is named Nope.


Q4TQ: Can Horde get flight points to both Darktide Roost and Socrethar’s Rise in SMV? If so, do they also have relatively convenient flight points for Magnarok? It just seems quite annoying as an Alliance to trek to Magnarok.

Horde can get four flight points in Shadowmoon Valley — one on the border to Spires of Arak, one in Exile’s Rise (the Shadowmoon Exiles don’t have a problem with Alliance or Horde, they’re simply neutral to Horde), and the two you mentioned. The closest flight point to Magnarok for both Alliance and Horde is the one located next to Bloodmaul Slag Mines, which is open for both factions to use. It’s not directly in Magnarok, but it’s right next door.


QftQ: Either from experience or just personal opinion, at what level do you think it would be best to use a 300% experience potion?

Both times I’ve used mine have been at about 73-74, while I’m in Northrend. I don’t take it until I have a full quest log of quests to turn in. I had a second one on another character, and I used it right after getting eligible for the Argent Tournament dailies, which quickly managed to fill up my quest log again in combination with the Icecrown stuff I was working on. That managed to boost me quite a bit and get me through Cataclysm content in a flash.


Q4TQ: Aside from the speed increase, is there any reason to keep the Stables after getting the mounts? Also, are there any Easter Eggs in there I should know about?

Not really, no. Once you’ve obtained all the training mounts, there are a couple of others you can get via achievements, and after that, you’re free to remove the stables if you don’t want the building bonuses to mount speed and gathering while mounted. I got everything from mine and took them down the next day, haven’t missed them.

That’s it for your Saturday edition of the Queue — be sure to leave plenty of questions for tomorrow!

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