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The QueueMar 29, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: No val’kyr here

I kind of wish there were more pet battle guides out there that didn’t automatically assume I’ve just got an Unborn Val’kyr sitting around to use for every battle, because I don’t. There’s a limit to how far out of my way I will go to do some pet battling, and camping the wilds of Northrend is over that line. I just want to beat the Celestial Tournament for once, you know? Just once would be neat.


Q4tQ: it seems these days that SC is the red-headed step child of the Blizzard universe. Even the news of Legacy of the Void’s beta didn’t seem to get quite the hype that say, the HS expansion did. Even on this very site, the SC coverage seems to be scant compared to all the other games. Is this a thing or am I just hypersensitive because I love the SC universe so much?

Oh we like StarCraft just fine around here! When we see news, we do write it up. It’s just that I don’t think we have anyone on staff currently who is really on top of the StarCraft news and plays the game extensively. We do, however, have a lot of people that play the other Blizzard titles. It’s something we are looking into, of course — we do want to be covering everything!


Q4TQ: If the WoW token proves successful, do you think we can expect to see other account services opened up in a similar vein? For example the Lvl 90 boost or Race/Faction change?

I honestly couldn’t tell you one way or another. I suspect they will keep that limited to game time, because that’s how it works with other MMO titles out there that are using similar systems. But I suppose if they saw an opportunity where something like that would be helpful, they might look into it.


QftQ:  At some point I think I read somewhere that it future patches we would get to go (back to) Tanaan Jungle and Farahlon as quest zones, but Farahlon isn’t on the map.  So question: 1) is this true?, and 2) where/what is Farahlon?  Is it an island?  A Raid? A Timeless Isle type thing that will be added to the map later?

We will be making our return to Tanaan Jungle in patch 6.2, presumably. Farahlon was originally included on the world map and suggested as possible future content, but it has since been removed. If they feel that Farahlon would fit into the story they’ve got mapped out, they’ll put it in — but they haven’t said definitively one way or the other whether it will be in this expansion or not.


Could scenarios have been utilized to flesh out the lore and story of WoD?

Yes. Absolutely and without question, yes. Scenarios that have you hunting down exactly what the Shadowmoon are doing out there in SMV now that the naaru has been reborn and the Dark Star no longer exists. Scenarios having you trace the path Grommash took between the Warlord meeting out in Nagrand, and arriving outside Tanaan Jungle. Scenarios that delve into the connection between the ogres and the Magnaron. Scenarios that look at the arakkoa and their possible link to the Titans. Scenarios that look at the evolution of the saberon, and how they came to be.

A scenario for Thrall, (maybe even a set of scenarios), in which he begins to learn the histories of the old clans, and possibly of the Horde itself. Scenarios that show a flashback to the day the draenei arrived on Draenor, how they established their cities. Or heck, scenarios that take place in some kind of holographic chamber (think a Star Trek style holodeck) that show us the draenei’s original flight from Argus.

Scenarios that show us that fallout after we destroyed the Dark Portal and fled Tanaan, scenarios that have us trying to find out the status of the various Iron Horde allied clans now that we have dealt with their leaders, scenarios that have us seeking out diplomatic connections with various other races on Draenor, a scenario that shows exactly what happened in Admiral Taylor’s Garrison and expands on Wrathion’s curious presence there.

Okay I could probably go on for a good 2,500 words or so here, but the answer is yes. Yes they could absolutely be used in that aspect, and more importantly, I do not understand why they weren’t.


Do you think they’ll ever remove the gold cap on transferring characters…or increase it…now that we have tokens?

Honestly with the introduction of the token, not to mention the amount of gold you can make from working on a garrison, I would certainly hope so. It’s discouraging to have accumulated a large sum of gold, yet be unable to take it with you should you choose to transfer servers.


q4tq seeing as blizzard takes a long time to develop games, do you think of they were working on wow 2.0 it would have leaked?

There is no WoW 2.0.


I’m currently setting my new PS4. Any games you guys would recommend?

Dragon Age: Inquisition is excellent. Be aware however that the latest DLC for the game is not as of yet available on the PS4. But really, there’s enough game there to keep you happily occupied for quite some time.

That’s it for Sunday’s Queue — be sure to leave plenty of questions for Monday!

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