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The QueueApr 10, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Brontosaurus Rises?

Guys, I know I’m kind of a dinosaur nut. But you can stop tweeting to me about Brontosaurus. For starters, the debate has just been started, not settled. It may well be years before we have a definitive consensus from the paleontologists of the world on whether Brontosaurus is a legitimate species. The study is very interesting, but it just opens the door on the discussion, and more work will be needed. Besides, let’s be honest – you’re all gonna keep calling it Brontosaurus no matter what.

It’s late so I’m sitting here listening to Ministry and writing The Queue.


Have you partaken of the WoW Token?

I have not! I haven’t enough gold to buy one in game for use, and I haven’t enough spare cash laying around to buy one to sell in game. To me, it’s as if the token doesn’t even exist.


Q4Q: Can you imagine Edmontosaurus annectens with colorful plumage similar to Aix sponsa or Aix galericulata?

No, because Edmontosaurus annectens is an ornithopod, a member of the Ornithischia (bird hips), whereas ducks are birds and are descended from and classified as members of the Saurischia, or lizard hipped dinosaurs. E. annectens fossils have been found with their skin patterns preserved, and they clearly had scaly skin and as of yet no obvious feathers – all proposed feathered dinosaurs are members of the Saurischia.

Also, unlike the ducks you mentioned, E. annectens was not in any way aquatic, it was a land dwelling herbivore, living in a time before grass existed. So if it had a colorful skin pattern of any kind, it wouldn’t be like modern herbivores because it would be trying to blend in with a different environment. It definitely could have had such a pattern, but we have no idea what it was. It almost certainly wasn’t feathered.


QftQ: if the next raid is legion-themed, will it be full BC-era Legion, or just “Gul’dan passed around his mug to some orcs”?

I expect there will be some demons, especially as we get further into the raid. Kilrogg Deadeye is a contender for a boss, we may end up fighting or rescuing Grommash, but there’s definitely room for some out and out demons in there. (I’m a little disappointed we whacked Socrethar, he’d have made a good boss.) Gul’dan isn’t shy about inviting the guys in for drinks, so with Mannoroth dead we may see Magtheridon or Azgalor or even Brutallus, looking for some revenge after Mannoroth got killed (and to prove themselves as the best choice to replace him) and I wouldn’t be surprised if other old favorites like Tichondrius showed up.


What profound truths have you discovered from leveling in Loch Modan?

I was pretty glad to leave it, even to go to Duskwood. The zone is really not very conducive to leveling in anything like an efficient manner – quests are spread out strangely, there are a lot of quests that require you to loot an item off of the ground and that’s hard in a party, and there’s a bunch of really annoying murlocs right in the center of the zone. I’m not a fan of Loch Modan, as it turns out.


Including zones that got revamps in Cata, what zone do you think still need to be tinkered with the most?

Honestly, I think Anne and I have both complained about the Arathi Highlands enough, but that would be my pick, hands down. If I couldn’t use that one, Silithus. We discovered Uldum, we know that Ahn’Qiraj was originally a Titan facility with Tol’vir guardians that got taken over and enslaved as obsidian destroyers. There’s a lot that could have been done to link Uldum, AQ and the Old Gods/Titans.



Just wondering whether the WoW token and the subsequent liberation of vast amounts of gold has had a knock on effect on the prices of other items on the AH?

Us Europeans haven’t had the opportunity to trial the system yet and I’m intrigued to know where the newly wealthy are blowing their cash.

It hasn’t been all that long yet, so I hesitate to speak as an authority here (and frankly, I’m terrible with gold and am not an authority) but I’ve noticed some expensive stuff selling which used to sit in the AH for a while. Saw Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger vanish even though it was up on Very Long, indicating to me that someone bought it. But that’s speculation on my part – the Undermine Journal will certainly have more details on how prices are fluctuating.

That’s the Queue for today. If you’ll excuse me, I have a friendly Brotosaurus whose foot had a splinter in it, she and I are going to ride off into the sunset now. She’ll be eating some ferns.

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