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The Queue: Brontosaurus

It will likely not be called Brontosaurus in game. It will almost certainly not be called  Apatosaurus, either. Three years after that debate reignited, Blizzard will finally put a sauropod model in the game and I’m over the moon. If players get this as a mount I will probably explode from sheer glee.

It’s the Queue. Are you a dinosaur? If not, why not? If you were a dinosaur which one would you be? I’d be a Giganotosaurus or an Acrocanthosaurus, I think. Big therapods. Gotta love big therapods, am I right? I’m right.

The Queue: Brontosaurus Rises?

Guys, I know I’m kind of a dinosaur nut. But you can stop tweeting to me about Brontosaurus. For starters, the debate has just been started, not settled. It may well be years before we have a definitive consensus from the paleontologists of the world on whether Brontosaurus is a legitimate species. The study is very interesting, but it just opens the door on the discussion, and more work will be needed. Besides, let’s be honest – you’re all gonna keep calling it Brontosaurus no matter what.

It’s late so I’m sitting here listening to Ministry and writing The Queue.

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