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WoWApr 16, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: How many garrison resources do you have?

There was a bit of surprise yesterday as we discovered that currently on the 6.2 PTR, you have to have 6,000 garrison resources to progress into Tanaan Jungle. We later found out that the number will be less than the current 6,000 placeholder, but we’ll still have to shell out a lesser, currently unknown amount of resources in order to build that new shipyard and gain access to naval missions.

That’s the beauty of having a public test phase. It’s a roller coaster of feelings wrapped in a glass case of emotions.

I have a few characters I play fairly casually, lined up with several scavengers. Those toons have all been riding the resource cap for months. Just parking in the garrison and turning over the cache every couple of days has them completely ready to roll into that shipyard no matter what they decide the number is, even my level 94 monk. My main is in pretty rough shape, though. Since the initial news about the WoW Token dropped, I’ve been dropping resource generation in favor of cold, hard coin. Nearly all her Scavengers are Treasure Hunters now. I’ve decimated her available stockpile of resources in my Trading Post. My server is all about the Raw Riverbeast Meat, so Krixel Pinchwhistle is flush with resources, but I’m not. Having to potentially play 6.2 without Tanaan for a while, but playing for free, is a trade off I’m alright with rolling the dice over.

How many garrison resources do you have waiting for patch 6.2? Are you changing your gameplan at all to stock up?

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