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WoWApr 18, 2015 8:00 pm CT

Patch 6.2: 14 new Legendary pet battles, 5 new pets

Legendary pet

The latest build to the 6.2 PTR has seen a few more additions to the pet journal, as well as a new batch of legendary encounters described in the patch notes. Most of the new pets come from Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, granted from completing the new pet encounters in Tanaan Jungle.

All 14 of these new encounters are incomplete for now. According to game developer Jeremy Feasel, they decided to add them before they were finished to let us have a little fun. Direflame, Felfly, Corrupted Thundertail, Defiled Earth, Dark Gazer, Bleakclaw, Tainted Maulclaw, Chaos Pup, Mirecroak, Vile Blood of Draenor, Skrillix, Felsworn Sentry, Dreadwalker and Cursed Spirit are grouped in one tiny area on the Scuttler’s Coast along the southern coast of Tanaan, if you’d like to try them out for yourself in the meantime. They will be placed all around Tanaan at a later date.

legendary pets tanaan 6.2

The pets are currently slightly underpowered, missing a few abilities and seem to be flagged like wild pets. I couldn’t engage an opponent at the same time as another tamer. Each pet currently has additional partners like wild fights and only some have the Boss buff, which halves incoming damage. For a level one carry, they grant 798 XP with a Safari Hat. All of the Legendary pets have the new ability Fel Corruption, which increases damage done and decreases damage taken by half for the whole team, as well as AOEing the whole opposing team, so it’s a bit of a feat to carry anything that low level. The pets are from varied families, so if you’d like to take them on you may have some work to do to round out your stable.

Each bag of fel-touched pet supplies also grant a Pet Charm or two and some bandages–the usual pet bag stuff–and a new Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stone, which raises the level of a pet from any family by one, in addition to the chance at four new pets. There are two new Spore pet recolors, a green Seaborne Spore and an orange Zangar Spore. The most unique pet of the lot is the Nightmare Bell, which fits well with Nethaera’s Light from the previous build as two of the three items used in the old Warlock mount quest. There’s also the Periwinkle Calf, which is the one I managed to snag for my efforts.

periwinkle calf baby hippo battle pet patch 6.2

I had 20 pet charms by the time I was finished with all 14 encounters, and one leveling stone.

The sole outlier for new pets for this build is the Corrupted Nest Guardian. Minor spoiler for the Hellfire Citadel raid, instead of being awarded from these new Fel-Touched Pet Supplies like the others, this little battle pet seems to drop from the Shadow-Lord Iskar encounter. It is very similar to the Ancient Nest Guardian from Archaeology, but replacing Entangling Roots with Fel Immolate.

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