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The QueueMay 10, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: You spin me round

Welcome back to The Queue, the Q&A column for all things Blizzard related. If you have a question for the Queue, leave a comment and you may see it answered tomorrow!

Sometimes I kind of wish the Darkmoon Faire were around more often than once a month. But then I realize that if it were, I’d be really, really tired of it by now. Instead, I’m still having fun racing things and flying through hoops and shooting out of cannons and riding carousels.


Q4tQ: Overwatch seems very console friendly.  Do you think they will release PC and console versions at the same time?  If I want both versions would I have to pay twice.  Not sure how that worked with D3.

I could definitely see them putting it out on consoles at some point, if the notion strikes their fancy. I don’t know if they’d release it on PC and console at the same time, though — heck, we aren’t even in beta yet with Overwatch, so it’s kind of early to be predicting what’s going to happen when it releases, you know?


Q4TQ: (maybe just Anne) Do you only get Dog in your garrison if you had him on your farm? I have a new level 100 Rogue and no Dog. sniff

When you get an item named after you, is it a surprise? Do you have any input? Just curious.

Well if you never saved Dog to begin with, he wouldn’t really feel like following you all the way to Draenor, would he? All you need to do to get Dog is head to Pandaria and get your Tillers rep up — you’ll need to be a little over halfway through revered to see the quest. Luckily, it’s much easier to get reputation these days. If you have another character that has a ton of reputation with the Tillers already, be sure you pick up the Grand Commendation of the Tillers so your rep gains are boosted even further while you’re working on it.

I’m not sure how naming things after people works exactly, but I do know that everyone on staff who has had something named after them has been pretty surprised about it when it happened. I had no idea it was going to happen! You don’t, to my knowledge, get any input, it’s just a fun surprise — although my name was originally spelled wrong on the item when it popped up on the PTR, and they corrected it when it was pointed out.


We’ve had dual specs now for, well, a long time. Do you think we’ll ever see dual class specialisations?

I kind of doubt that. Think about it — you’d have to carry around a set of armor for each class you play. We just managed to get out of that whole thing where people had to cart around different sets of armor for different specs, do you really think they’d want to roll that back into play and fill everyone’s bags all over again?


ok Q4tQ , we know who Kargath is since we killed him, but Im on the realm Korgath, what is that name a reference to?

Fun story! In the original manual for Warcraft II, Kargath was also referred to as Korgath — to my knowledge that was an error, rather than an accepted alternate spelling of the name. However, it seems that maybe whoever was naming the servers might have been sorting through old game manuals when they were picking names, and inadvertently picked that alternate spelling to use as a server name. Kargath was one of the original servers, Korgath was added later on in 2006.


Lore Question for the Queue:  Going forward, what concessions could we see in Kalimdor from the Horde (under Vol’jin) to show the Alliance they respect Alliance help in removing Garrosh?  At the end, several members of the Alliance (ahem, Jaina) wanted to crush the Horde for past atrocities.

Well I know that as of the end of the Siege, it was stated that the Horde would give Ashenvale back to the night elves, and the night elves would allow the Horde to stay in Azshara (they weren’t exactly using it anyway). I could see Vol’jin pulling all Horde out of Dustwallow Marsh out of respect for Jaina as well, and allowing the Alliance to pass through the Barrens unchallenged again.

But you have to realize that no matter what he does, the likelihood of our seeing it reflected in game is very, very slim. Cataclysm revamped everything in those lower levels, and I don’t think they’d try to do anything of that scope or scale again, so those areas are just kind of … stuck in constant conflict related to Garrosh. And on the one hand, I think it was great to involve those lower levels in the current story at the time — on the other, as time goes on they’re going to just get more and more out of date and weird to level through. That was the issue that the zones had in the first place, really.

Ideally, I wish they’d update the leveling experience again, to something that sits kind of outside the main storylines of the expansions and just exists as its own separate story — the story in which you get to become a hero in your own right, before tackling all that expansion-related stuff. A timeless kind of story that won’t age so dramatically between expansions, you know what I mean?


Q4TQ. Do you think we will see a return to class specific Legendarys such as a shield that is useable by Warriors, Paladins and Shamans or will the current trend of Legendarys being available for all classes be here for good?

I’m hoping we’ll be sticking with the current method of legendaries being available for all classes and specs, honestly. I like the fact that they aren’t limited by class or spec now — I don’t really care for the idea of the legendary being a ring this time around, though, mainly because there’s not really anything to show off, is there? At least with cloaks we got these pretty cool looking items that had really cool glow effects and made it blatantly clear that you’d jumped through all of Wrathion’s hoops and were well rewarded for your efforts. With the ring … well, it’s a ring. You can’t even see it when it’s equipped on a character. That’s pretty boring, in my opinion.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a variety of weapons available at the end of a legendary chain, though. Kind of like with the Quel’Delar chain in Wrath, only actual different types of weapons — swords, axes, a staff, daggers, and a bow. Then you could choose whichever item worked best for you, and it’d be that dash of flashy “Look what I did” that is kind of absent with this expansion’s legendary chain right now.

That’s it for Sunday’s edition of the Queue — be sure to leave plenty of questions for tomorrow!

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