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Discussion > Heroes of the Storm > WoWJun 2, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Your WoW main in Heroes of the Storm

Let’s say the Heroes of the Storm developers have gone mad and have decided to add your personal World of Warcraft main character into Heroes. All Heroes characters (unless they have a bizarre, character-specific quirk) have three primary abilities and a heroic ultimate ability. What abilities would your character have? Standard World of Warcraft spells, or do you imagine them doing something different, something unique to your vision of your character?

I’m forced to cheat a little and say my character probably wouldn’t be too aesthetically different from the newly revealed Diablo 3 Crusader, Johanna. I picture my main (seen at the top of this post) as stoic and stalwart, a fierce paladin of the Light. However, while Johanna is sword and board (or flail and board), my paladin is Retribution these days. I’ve always loved the imagery evoked by the Ashbringer — the image of the Paladin wading into battle and the bad guys falling to ash around him/her. Regardless of how much damage they deal in WoW, abilities like Consecration and Divine Storm fit that picture, with Templar’s Verdict as the source of single target damage. As an ultimate ability, Avenging Wrath is the only thing that really makes sense for a paladin.

My Paladin’s default skin would most likely be as you see her in the header image above. She’d have the Lightbringer set as an alternate skin, and in the vein of the silly alternate universe Heroes of the Storm skins, there would be a death knight version where Consecration is replaced with Defile and so forth.

Hit me: How would your character be represented in Heroes of the Storm? Give us as much or as little detail as you’d like!

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