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The QueueJun 13, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Here kitty kitty

Welcome back to The Queue, the Q&A column for all things Blizzard related. If you have a question for the Queue, leave a comment and you may see it answered!

While everyone else was busy messing around in Stormwind on this week’s WoW leveling stream, I may have been busy picking up a few new friends (to be named something obnoxious sometime soon.)


Q4TQ: If you have a level 3 Storehouse and your work order queues are maxed out, then you replace the Storehouse, what happens with those extra work orders?

I believe the extras are simply shuffled away — if you ever rebuild the Storehouse again, they’ll be waiting for you once the building is complete. I’ve never actually done this before though, fair warning!


Q4tQ: you think Timewalker Raids are in the works?

People have asked this one before, and I’ll say it again — we really don’t know. But usually when they introduce features like this, they’re partially new content, and partially tests to see how the community responds to them. If the response is pretty positive and they see a lot of activity, you might see the feature begin to expand and include more dungeons. Will that ever be expanded to raids? Maybe, if player response is large enough to warrant it.

The main problem with doing something like an old raid is that most of these raid encounters were balanced around abilities and talents that maybe we no longer have, or maybe we have in a much more powerful form. The new spells and talents we have kind of trivialize the old bosses to the point that even approaching them scaled-down is still pretty easy, compared to how difficult they were when they were current content.


Why do some believe that Khadgar is secretly infected with Medivh or is him? Did Khadgar do anything that seem a little shady?

Khadgar’s done a lot of really shady stuff, when you think about it — he seems to know a lot about Gul’dan, when all our records and history of Khadgar indicate that he’d at best have maybe a passing knowledge of who Gul’dan was. He spent more time with Gul’dan’s skull than he did Gul’dan himself.

In addition, his sudden appearance right when the Dark Portal went red and started spitting out orcs, his apparent willingness to torture Garona when he knew her past, even the way Gul’dan calls him “Khadgar” — quotes included in the text — all seem to point to the wizard not actually being who he says he is.


I soloed Kara this week; it made me wonder. Why did Medivh have such an elaborate home? He struck me as a loner, not a socialite.

Oddly enough, Karazhan existed before Medivh even came to it. In the novel The Last Guardian, Medivh points it out to Khadgar.

“You said there was an explosion long ago that created this place, and it made a place of magical power. Then you came … “

“Yes,” said Medivh. “That’s all true, if you look at it in a linear fashion. But what happens if the explosion occurred because I would eventually come here and the place needed to be ready for me?”

Khadgar’s face knitted. “But things don’t happen like that.”

“In the normal world, no, they do not.”

Some of those phantoms may be from before Medivh arrived. Some may be demons that showed up along with Prince Malchezaar — the women leading up to the Maiden of Virtue all seem to be demons or spirits of one form or another. And some of the guests may have been there for one giant event Medivh held one weekend after coming out of his coma because it seemed like a good time for a party, who knows.

What we do know is that the main reason Medivh really liked the place had nothing to do with the size or the number of rooms (although he probably appreciated the library) — it was all about the fact that the place was a source of power like no other. Many have said that Azeroth’s ley lines all converge at Karazhan, whether there’s truth to that statement or not could be argued, but it is one of the strangest, most powerful locations in Azeroth.


Blizzard reintroduced Azeroth’s second moon (Blue Child) in MoP. Why is it seemingly missing from night sky in nearly every zone?

It depends on what zone you’re in, and also on the time of day. The Blue Child is visible in certain areas, it’s just not right next to the main moon, so sometimes you can see it, sometimes it’s already below the horizon and not clearly visible.


Ok so if what we’ve been led to believe is true and there’s only one Archimonde,if we kill him in 6.2 are Nelfs immortal again?

Nope! Why would that happen? We traveled in time. The Legion transcends it. From all information we’ve been given so far, the only logical conclusion we can draw from it is that the Legion does not follow any concept of linear time — they exist outside of it. Which is a really strange, scary thought. If we kill Archimonde on Draenor, it doesn’t mean that everything he has accomplished simply ceases to be. It just means he will theoretically no longer strike at us.

Yes, it makes my brain hurt if I think about it too much, too.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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