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Breakfast Topic: Would you like more cross-game integration?

Come together as one.

Here’s the thing, Heroes of the Storm — while you’re tempting to play, you’re not giving me the reward I actually want. I like the idea that I get a thing in World of Warcraft for playing you up to a certain level, sure, but I want that mount in WoW, not just in the middle of the team brawler. I’m weird like that: I really want my Death Knight to be carted around in one of those.

Of course, the fact that there is cross-integration alone is pretty cool.  It’s neat to think that I can step into Heroes of the Storm and get a little doodad just for having played so much World of Warcraft.  Sure, I can mildly kvetch about what doodads I get where, but the core idea is that Blizzard is building a unified brand and existence, and I like that. What I want is just more of that. I want campaign completion in Diablo 3 to open up new stuff in World of Warcraft, I want to get new costumes in Diablo 3 when I play StarCraft 2, that sort of thing.

The downside to this, of course, is that you would basically have to play two games to earn the stuff you want.  But the real question is whether or not there’s an audience. Would you like more cross-game integration and rewards? Or do you feel like the little cross-promotional items that already exist are enough if not a bit too much?

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