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Diablo > NewsAug 4, 2015 7:00 pm CT

Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 Preview: Adventure Mode improvements

As we await another Diablo 3 expansion announcement, Blizzard is testing out more improvements on the PTR to keep hardcore fans happy. After recently buffing Seasonal play and crafting on the PTR (with the introduction of Kanai’s Cube), they are now focusing on the popular Adventure Mode by simplifying many of the game mechanics associated with it.

The whole Rift key system is getting an overhaul. No longer do you have to collect Rift Fragments through Bounties to gain a Rift key. Nephalem Rifts are now open to all players of any level. The much harder Greater Rifts can be entered after getting a key drop from the bosses (aka Rift Guardians) in the Nephalem Rifts.

Since part of the point of running Bounties was to collect keys for Nephalem Rifts, they are now giving Bounties new rewards including Act-specific crafting materials for Kanai’s Cube. Additionally, Bounties will be your primary source for gold and crafting materials as well as recipes. Each Bounty reward cache will contain two crafting recipes.

Crafting functionality is also getting attention. An entire tier of crafting materials has been eliminated, leaving just one tier left. Now an item of any level that is Salvaged will yield a usable crafting reagent. On top of that, many recipes have been eliminated and those that remain will take less materials. This will make crafting equipment for leveling faster, easier and more attractive (unless you plan on leveling 1-70 in 65 seconds.)

Overall, it looks like the grind game for those that have finished the story mode and those working on alts will be much cleaner, faster and more rewarding.

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