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Hearthstone > NewsAug 5, 2015 1:21 pm CT

Hearthstone’s new cards and jousting system in-depth

New cards and mechanics for Hearthstone were released in the wee hours from Gamescom. Not only that, ranked players like myself will now have added incentive to dive back into the ladder again, with chests awarded to players based on the highest rank they’ve achieved that month. There’s no release date for the Grand Tournament just yet, but let’s go over today’s new card release in depth.

Jousting 101

Here’s a quick look at the new Joust mechanic that’s being introduced in the Grand Tournament expansion for Hearthstone.

I’d like to think that they’ll eventually have the mechanic text shortened to just “Joust” instead of the full Battlecry details since it will enable the developers to add more text as needed. Also note that Joust seems to reveal a random minion from your deck, not the top-most minion. Handlock players will have a slight edge on winning Jousts due to all the Molten Giants and Mountain Giants at their possession.

Speaking of which, here are a few common Joust questions answered by CM_Whirthun:


Let’s check out the latest cards!

Eadric the Pure

Eadric appears to be the optimum counter to Handlock. This card effectively neutralizes minions to just 1 attack allowing the rest of the Paladin’s deck to effortlessly sweep them aside. The downside is that it comes in at a hefty 7 mana and he only has 3 attack, so he won’t provide much in terms of muscle on his own. He might not be able to win games for you all the time, but he’ll at least provide you more of a fighting chance. I like to think of Eadric as a blanket Aldor Peacekeeper.

The Skeleton King

He’s the card that keeps on giving. Malorne has a similar mechanic to the Skeleton Knight but it happens all the time when he dies (and he only returns to your library). Skeleton Knight is cheaper but there’s a chance the Deathrattle might not trigger but he goes right back to your hand in the event that he does. Seems valuable for Handlock decks due to the number of giants they pack.

Gormok the Impaler

Four mana for a 4/4 that can inflict four damage if you happen to have four minions in play. Right away, this smells like Demon Warlock or Zoo Warlock since Imp-Losion and Imp Gang Boss can generate minions quickly. Gormok’s Battlecry can easily swing the game in your favor by removing a key minion (like a Piloted Shredder) from play.

Injured Kvaldir

Looks like this will be a great for Priest decks to handle the early game. Sure it takes three damage right away, but if a Priest starts with this in their opening hand, hero powers can be used to help heal it back up (assuming the Priest doesn’t have other cards to play at the moment). The four health potential allows it to trade effectively early on against Zoo Warlock and Face Hunter minions.

Master Jouster

Gah! A 5/6 which has a chance of gaining Taunt and Divine Shield? Yeah, I can deal with this. Seems like he’d be really annoying for an opponent to play against if you win the Joust.

Tuskarr Jouster

Another Paladin card that provides more longevity for Paladins. The question is if Paladins would rather play a Tuskarr Jouster instead of an Antique Healbot. The Healbot grants guaranteed health to the player, but the Tuskarr Jouster has more attack and health. Decisions!


I’m not exactly a fan of cards with random elements, but this is essentially a Nefarian without the dragon. It can potentially help you steal games or lose them (with a Totem Might). However, it is a spell and it can be played really well in tandem with the Combo effects that Rogue decks are known for.

Armored Warhorse

One of the problem with four mana cards is that they’re often compared to the Piloted Shredder. Would you play any four mana card instead of Piloted Shredder? If not, don’t bother. While the Warhorse loses straight up in a match against the Shredder, it can certainly charge right into the opponent for some hefty damage before it drops. Plus note that it’s a beast card!

Argent Lance

Paladins receive another weapon to add to their arsenal in addition to Muster for Battle and Truesilver Champion, I can’t help but wonder if there’s any room to consider adding the Argent Lance. It does seem like it would suit the arena better.


Revealed yesterday, this card adds another form of removal for Warrior players.


Just for fun, I’d love to try my hand at a Warrior all-taunt deck of sorts… but I don’t imagine Bolster will see much play at higher levels.

Brave Hunter

Aside from the reference, Hunters are going to be determined to find a way to include this in their decks. It doesn’t replace a Leper Gnome, but I can see myself replacing the Worgen Infiltrator. Imagine playing both this and a Wolfrider on the same turn which empties your hand out in the process. Three damage from the Wolfrider, two damage from Steady Shot, and another two from the Brave Hunter when Steady Shot is activated. This is definitely a must-craft.

Gadgetzan Jouster

This Jouster comes in fairly cheap and will replace a Zombie Chows in Handlock decks. I can see him being included in select Druid decks to help with the early game, too.

Ancestral Knowledge

Hey, a Shaman card that lets you draw 2 more cards with an Overload drawback! I’m trying to decide if I’d rather use a Mana Tide Totem instead of this. The Totem is a body on the board but it will at least fetch you one card at the end of the turn. The 2 Overload might be too punishing. I will concede that the drawback isn’t as severe when you get into the late game and have more mana to work with.

Mukla’s Champion

Anyone remember the old Token Druid deck? Mukla’s Champion might find a way to bring that back. Rogue decks that run Violet Teacher might want to take a closer look at this card as well. Paladin decks will find an interesting boost especially when combined with Muster for Battle.



What about legendaries?


Eh, cool card. Nice 8 damage on it. Deathrattle means it will stick around in some fashion even if he gets taken out. Personally, I thought he would have something like Inspire: Gain Stealth. He’s okay, but more importantly…


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! FOR DRUIDS?! MY MIND IS SO BLOWN RIGHT NOW. She costs nine mana, but that’s like peanuts for Druids especially with Wild Growth, Innervate, Nourish, and the new Darnassus Aspirant.

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