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World of Warcraft hotfixes for August 5 – 7

World of Warcraft hotfixes

Though the hotfixes for patch 6.2 have been dwindling, they haven’t vanished entirely and we have a handful of hotfixes that have been released one or two at a time over the last few days. On the list are some fixes for Hellfire Citadel, a few item tweaks, some minor garrison changes, and a single solitary bug fix. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got.

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Raids and Dungeons

Hellfire Citadel

Fel Lord Zakuun

  • Wake of Destruction should no longer multistrike and should not scale with the caster’s damage modifiers.

Hellfire High Council

  • Dia Darkwhisper’s Mark of the Necromancer now deals 20% less damage. Additionally, applications of Mark of the Necromancer can no longer be delayed.


  • The following battle standards are no longer usable in a rated PvP environment.
    • Hand of the Prophet Battle Standard
    • Vol’jin’s Headhunters Battle Standard
    • Order of the Awakened Battle Standard
    • Saberstalkers Battle Standard
  • Sanctus, Sigil of the Unbroken’s on-use ability has been doubled in effectiveness and now grants 50% to Versatility (up from 25%) on the base ring.


  • Seer Kazal is now easier to locate in Horde Garrisons during the appropriate bonus events.


  • Talonpriest Ishaal’s Last Rites ability should now correctly be considered a stun effect. The effect lasts 3 seconds when used against other players, and shares diminishing returns with other stun effects.

Garrison Campaign

  • Destroying the Competition: Players that have abandoned and reacquired the quest should now be able to complete it.



  • Increased the respawn timer for Ancient Artifact.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to teleport or log out after being dismounted from a multi-passenger mount.

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