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DiscussionAug 19, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Is now the time to reroll?

If you’re like me (you’re almost certainly smart enough to not be like me) you’ve stuck with the same class for a while. I have alts, sure — a monk, a few DK’s, a hunter, a paladin I just can’t get into — but generally I play warriors. But Legion is the first time that I’ve ever considered leveling something other than a warrior and actually maining it. I don’t think I’ll do this unless Titan’s Grip isn’t the supported Fury Warrior playstyle, but the idea that it might not be has me seriously considering it. If I can’t TG for a whole expansion, that would be a big blow to what I love about Warriors.

I mean, I don’t know that the Demon Hunter will be what I want. But if I’m going to be forced into a playstyle I don’t like as much, I might as well get to play around with the new hotness. This is the first time in eleven years I’ve felt this way, though, and so I’ve watched over the years as others have made the choice to switch, whether it was to the new Death Knight or Monk classes, or to some other class they just liked better. Like when one of our tanks went hunter in BC, or when our best Mage decided that Cataclysm was the time to go Rogue.

So I ask, if you switched, how did you decide it was time?

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