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Hearthstone > NewsAug 20, 2015 10:30 am CT

New rewards for Hearthstone players who reach legend rank

While the news of ranked reward chests — which offer better rewards for higher ranked players at the end of each season — isn’t new, Community Manager Whirthun has confirmed the addition of better chests for players who break past rank 1 and hit legend rank for that season. Depending on the rank earned at the end of the season, chests will contain dust and gold cards ranging from common to epic (similar to arena rewards).

At rank 20, you receive 1 gold common card and a small assortment of dust. The amount of dust received goes up for every new rank acquired. Every 5 ranks after rank 20 nets you an additional gold card rewards.

  • At rank 15, you’ll receive both a gold common and a gold rare.
  • At rank 10, you’ll receive 2 gold commons and a gold rare.
  • At rank 5, you’ll receive 2 gold commons and a gold epic.
  • At legend, you’ll receive 3 gold commons and a gold epic.
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