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The QueueSep 3, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: No seriously, it’s all about Blizzard games here, we mean it

Adam and Alex are both still out of the office, so we’re continuing in our dedicated and unwavering coverage of all things surrounding Blizzard gaming. And definitely not at all talking about anything that didn’t happen in yesterday’s Queue, because it didn’t happen, of course. You didn’t see it. And I’ve had a really good time not doing any of it, but I’ll be handing the reins back over to Rossi for a few days now. With that in mind, let’s get to those burning questions, why don’t we?


So I just had a fun idea.  What if they used a lore character to handle communications with the community (kinda the ultimate RP).  What character would you pick to communicate for Blizzard? Think what Ghostcrawler did, only coming from a fictional character.

Oh that’s a fun idea — I don’t think they’d ever do it, but it’s a fun idea. That’s a gigantic cast of characters to choose from, though. I’d almost have to say Chromie, because she’s very friendly and happy to explain things to people, and logically speaking, her scope of knowledge is probably much larger than anyone else simply because she’s a bronze dragon. I mean, time travel in and of itself is so convoluted in WoW that it stands to reason whoever could figure it out enough to do it also has the brains to explain just about anything at all.


All this talk of romance has got me thinking: If you could ‘romance’ a garrison follower, would you? Who would it be?A night of fishing under the stars with Nat Pagle? Bonding while setting things on fire with Vivianne?

Lantresor. Look, I know most of you want to shove him in a mine but I love that guy to pieces. I want him to tell me all about where he came from and how he learned to be a Blademaster. And to teach me to fight. Heck yeah.


Q4tQ: first time questioneer, so be gentle.

My brother and I have been loyal and adept Blizz people since we were little kids typing “it’s a good day to die” and “glittering prizes.” Fast forward to today, and we’re not kids anymore. Despite Blizz’s best efforts, WoW in particular has become socially toxic on chat and with the LFG/LFR mechanics giving more and more abusive and belligerent people greater access and ease to abuse group members, in the end I dread social and multiplayer interactions in the game that DEFINED multiplayer.

Will Blizz ever make 2-person PvE content? It was always so much easier and more fun and more common to find TWO people that could play together and enjoy themselves rather than chase down at least 5 professional adults, or be forced to deal with “bonermcfartface” standing in the fire and screaming that the heals suck. The thought of engaging and challenging and DESIGNED story-driven content that we could tackle together, trying different combinations of specs and classes and strategies just makes my mouth water.

The closest we had to that were scenarios in Mists of Pandaria, and that’s part of the reason (although not all) that I’d like to see them make a return. You could easily buddy up with a friend and get into a scenario with just one random person, and as long as you were friendly, people were usually friendly in return. I think it really worked because in that particular instance, it’s two friends and one random stranger — the strangers don’t outnumber you and your buddy, you know what I mean? You had the majority. When you’re doing a five player dungeon, if it’s you and a friend, you don’t have that majority going in, so there’s more of a chance of people just being jerks for the sake of being jerks.

I just liked the smaller, friendlier atmosphere in scenarios. That and the queues were faster and in later scenarios, there was plenty of good story to be had. And I do love a good story!


Artifact weapons, is this what the cancel Path of Titan was supposed to be?

Kind of, but not really. Path of the Titans had you allying with a Titan cult, and the paths you chose weren’t class specific. You would gather and turn in artifacts found via Archaeology to progress, with the main rewards being Ancient Glyphs that would give your character some kind of bonus — like bleed reduction, bandage improvement, increased damage after a crit, that sort of thing. Eventually, you’d be able to get all of the glyphs for your path.

Artifact weapons seem like they’re kind of the same system, but you’re applying this stuff to a weapon, not to yourself — and from what we’ve heard, it’s more like you’ll be obtaining lootable items from bosses that will allow you to upgrade your weapon. So there’s some vague similarities, but they’re really, really vague. We’ll learn more about Artifact weapons and the system surrounding them at BlizzCon, I’m expecting.


Q4tQ: Do you think Blizzard will ever remove reputation requirements for many of the toys in the Toy Box? I understand the requirement for purchasing them, but not for using them. If every toon has to grind rep to use a toy, there’s really no reason for it to be in the Toy Box save conserving the trivial amount of gold spent on them. I grind my teeth every time I look at Sha’tari Defender’s Medallion and the like because, as of now, only one toon can use them and I’m probably never going to grind rep on alts just to use a toy. Mounts and pets don’t suffer the same requirements in order to be used account-wide, so I’m not sure why toys must…unless it’s technical and they can’t be bothered at the moment.

I really wish they would. If you’ve picked up the toy, you’ve obviously earned that reputation on one character — and it’s kind of silly that little things like toys are locked behind a reputation wall, when things like the mounts you purchase at Exalted reputation are able to be used by every character on your account. It just feels kind of sloppy. The Toy Box, for all I was excited about it, feels kind of sloppy in execution, and I wish they’d take a good long look at it and clean it up before Legion comes out.


Noob question, but in HotS, do you get the same amount of experience in all game modes, or do some modes give more than others?

Some modes offer more experience than others — PVP mode gives you more XP than AI mode. In addition, there’s bonus XP to be had if you’re playing with friends, and you can always pick up a stim pack to give yourself a further boost to XP as well.


Orkchop asked: If you could have one character from Dragon Age, and one character from Mass Effect on your squad, which would you choose?

Garrus and Alistair. Just imagine the elevator conversations. Do it. Dooooo ittttttt.

Okay Liz I sort of agree with you on this one because Alistair cracked me up all the way through Origins. The elevator conversations would indeed be amazing. But I also kind of want to see what Wrex and Iron Bull would be like together, because two mercenaries swapping stories would make for some really interesting party banter. Either that, or put Liara in with Sera, because I want to see if Sera would be freaked out by alien mind-melding tricks or if she’d just start making so many wholly inappropriate comments that Liara would spontaneously combust out of sheer embarrassment.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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