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WoWSep 4, 2015 10:42 am CT

Jonathan LeCraft talks class overhauls, new transmog system at DragonCon

Well, in case you don’t know, it’s DragonCon weekend, and there’s a World of Warcraft panel going on. Jonathan LeCraft is on hand, and it’s been livetweeted, so we’ve gone through the tweets to give you an idea of what’s been revealed. There’s a lot there, so what’s my pick for most interesting tidbit?

Frankly I’ve wanted Protection Warriors renamed for years, because it sucks sharing a spec name with another class. But that’s not all, by a long shot.

So what else was revealed? Here’s a few tidbits.

  1. Multistrike is going away, which is for the best in my opinion. I’m still looking forward to hearing more about what else will be changed.
  2. We are getting new Character Slots, but not more Void Storage space, since the new transmog system should help with bag space. Elvine tweeted that transmog will be account wide, using a UI similar to Diablo 3‘s.
  3. Demon Hunters will be starting at level 98, according to Elvine.
  4. Survival Hunters are absolutely going to be melee, and no other class/spec is going to use ranged weapons.
  5. Several classes are getting new/renamed resources, such as Shadow Priests getting Insanity as a resource.
  6. Professions now have an entire team working on them, and will see the return of profession quests.
  7. DPS classes will not be getting tanking/healing options.
  8. They have plans for Jaina.

For more, you can check the MMO Central Events Twitter to see the rest of the tweets, or go to Elvine’s Twitter feed.

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