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The QueueOct 9, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: In the Meantime

This is one of those Queue’s where I really miss being able to embed a video as the header.

Anyway, you know the drill. I hunger… for questions!


So I decided I want to read The Last Guardian and the War of the Ancients trilogy in preparation for Legion, and was dismayed that they are not on the iBooks Store (despite most of the other books being on there).

::Sigh:: Guess I’ll have to look into buying a hard copy.

You might want to consider picking up the Warcraft Archive, which contains Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, The Last Guardian and Of Blood and Honor. It’s often for sale reasonably cheap and it’s a solid value for that. There’s also a complete War of the Ancients archive available as well.


I am fairly happy with the Timewalking dungeons.   So how about a Timewalking raid?  Or maybe a TW raid boss like the old weekly boss quests we used to get?

I would personally love it if every single raid and dungeon to date was eventually released for Timewalking. Let us timewalk all of it.


The apexis week is so lame, if wasn’t for the buff icon I wouldn’t even know it was a happening. I’d much rather have a double player exp week to encourage people to try out new classes.

I am also not a fan of the Apexis weekend. A double XP weekend would just get me to level more warriors (and since I’m currently leveling quite a few, mission already accomplished) but I could get behind that, too.

So far I’m agreeing with a lot. This is a disturbing Queueniverse.


Would it be difficult for Blizzard to make quest experience scale with player levels? The problem I have with heirlooms is not finishing a zone before having to move on to the next one. I could stay and continue doing the green and gray quests to finish out the story but that would be inefficient and defeat the purpose of having items that boost experience.

I happen to be leveling a new warrior completely heirloom free right now, so let me just say that quite frankly, you get this problem even without heirlooms. I’m not even halfway done with Ashenvale and every quest I’m getting is green to me. That’s completely sans any of the XP boost, just running around in crafted greens and blues and whatever I get from quests/random drops. So it’s definitely still a problem even if you’re completely heirloomless, and so far I haven’t come up with a good way to deal with it except for being stubborn and sticking it out until the quests are all done.

I’d basically just widen the range that quests give good XP for. Bump it up by five or so levels so that you could actually finish a zone without feeling penalized for it.

Is this three in a row I’m agreeing with? What happened to me?


Q4TQ: Do you think Blizzard made a mistake in extending Draenor flying to leveling toons? Granted, I want to get the toon I’m currently leveling to 100 asap, but I feel so disconnected from the leveling experience because of flying. I guess part of it may be I already know where everything is (having leveled through it a dozen times), but it feels too easy.

I think this was a situation where there was no real ‘best option’, but I would have simply let people get flying on their alts once they hit 100. It does seem like it would ruin the leveling experience in Draenor to be able to fly.

That does not count as me agreeing. It just doesn’t.


My objection to the Theramore scenario isn’t the in-book/in-game dichotomy, even though that’s bad enough. It’s the fact that it happened at all. Ever since Cataclysm, Blizzard has destroyed at least one Alliance city/town/outpost in each expansion. It’s like the writers can’t figure out any other way of motivating Alliance players other than taking things from us by the hands of some flavor of Horde army.

*Looks at this comment.*

*Looks at three thousand word post that says basically the same thing he was writing.*

*Throws up hands.*

*Realizes this is yet another case of him agreeing with someone, starts to get really concerned.*


I would not mind another “Cataclysm” solely to undo what was done by the Cataclysm. Having the world in a constant state of peril quest after quest, and averting disaster each time, removes credence from the possibility of actually world-ending threats. I enjoyed Vanilla questing because it felt like Azeroth was a place where everyone was doing there own thing, and you, the player, could join them. It felt like adventuring, not playing the savior.

“If [insert nebulous evil force here] is not stopped, the world may very well end!”

“Yup, the last quest-giver said that too, so just excuse me while I hand in these bear butts for a pair of boots.”

Oh thank God I disagree with this one.

I was really starting to get worried here.

See, the thing is, I find your very premise flawed. Vanilla WoW was absolutely chock a block with people telling me everything was going to fall apart at any moment. In fact, it had so many people trying to screw things up for everyone I’ve lost track of them all. There was the Silithid menace that started in the freaking Barrens (if you were Horde, anyway) and which led from Feralas to Tanaris to Un’Goro and finally to Silithus, and all of this before the Gates to Ahn’Qiraj even opened. There was the manipulations of Onyxia in Stormwind with threatened to destabilize the Kingdom of Stormwind and then the entire Alliance, the machinations of Fandral Staghelm in Darnassus, the kidnapping of Princess Moira and the looming threat of Ragnaros, the Scourge forces in the Plaguelands, the Dragons of Nightmare… the list goes on and on, my friend.

The world was falling apart in Vanilla. If anything, stuff like Cataclysm streamlines it all too much — rather than Azeroth being on the edge of destruction from every corner, everything ends up being Deathwing’s fault. Whew! If we just take out this one guy, everything’s fixed! I’d like to see a return to a world where the threats are so thick on the ground that you need an army of adventurers wandering around taking on all comers.

And may I again say thanks for a comment absolutely and totally not in any way in agreement with how I look at the game at all? Because I’m so happy to disagree with you and reaffirm my essential worldview remains intact.

That’s the Queue for this Friday. I promise to be more disagreeable come next Tuesday.

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