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The QueueOct 20, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: You want it all but you can’t have it

Yeah, I’m listening to some Faith No More while I write this edition of The Queue.

What’s in it, Matt?

Questions, answers, all that kind of thing.


Do you think that there will be more features for Legion that haven’t been announced yet?  I’m not sure we need them, but how awesome would it be if Blizzard doubled the features we are getting at Blizzcon?!

I think it’s fairly likely that there will be a few new features announced at BlizzCon, with the caveat that until the game ships you shouldn’t count on any new features for it. I still remember how excited I was for Path of the Titans, although to be fair, the Artifact Upgrade system does remind me of that long lost feature quite a bit.


Q for of The Queue: Do many of you like to do achievements? Not just current stuff, but older achievements?

My wife… and therefore I… like to do older achievements. For example, we’ve currently been working on Glory of the Pandaria Raider. One of them, Show Me Your Moves, has to have ten people do the “dance” on the last boss of Mogushan Vaults. It’s a difficult achievement, but the hardest part is getting 10 people together. Last night we couldn’t, so decided to do some of the Draenor dungeon achievements, and we had to pug the 5th person. Our guild is now pretty much just focused on Heroic Raiding. All the new people in the guild were invited in after pugging one heroic run, and some are real *******s. This is frustrating my wife, and she wants to find another guild, one with nicer people and who want to focus on older content/achievements. So I know of The Queue is full of great people, and have a good focus on leveling/guild chat/current normal raiding. Wondering if there are enough achievement seekers to make it worthwhile.

Our mains aren’t on the right server, so joining up isn’t just dropping the current guild, but would involve a guild transfer, so it’s a real decision. Wondering if this is the right suggestion for her.

No, I don’t like achievements. I wish they’d never been added to the game. I hate that they have tied mounts to achievements that are very hard to complete, meaning that I’ve spent hours of my life trying to get diseases to stack to 30 in ICC or doing whatever the ridiculous new meta is, it’s not fun for me and I tire of it fairly quickly. I’m not one of those people who seeks out older content to do achievements and pretty much every single one I have is because someone else wanted one and I helped them, not due to any desire of my own. Left to my own devices, I’d kill the bosses and go home.

I recognize that this makes me a grump of the first order but I simply do not care even a little. I’m not an achievements guy and I’m okay with this. I’m also not a mount collector, a battle pet anything, I’ve long accepted that there are swaths of the game that exist and serve no purpose as far as I’m concerned and I’m okay with that. Achievements are very much part of that for me. You all go have fun with them. I’m going to stick another two handed sword model in my bank and dream of transmog to come.


I’m honestly surprised that even as many as a few people use the stock-default UI.

I have so many UI customizations going on, so many addons installed. “The world is not enough!”

Friends have said “Why don’t you just use ElvUI to get an all-in-one package” and I tell them because it won’t let me customize everything enough like I want. ;-)

While I am not using the stock UI, I do use as few modifications as possible. I used to be like you, using a plethora of UI mods and add ons, but then patch day panic got exhausting for me — always having to go and find the latest update to Bartender or what have you still bugs me, and that’s after having ruthlessly weeded out most if not all of my UI mods. Back in the day I used ELV, but now I just use a few easily updated mods and call it a day. It’s nothing but an attempt to cut down on how much effort I have to put into keeping my UI current.


Q4tQ: Why do you think we have not yet seen any more alternate Hearthstone heroes? We got Magni, then Alleria and Medivh, but it’s been quite a while now and we haven’t even got another teaser. Is it like the cosmetic WoW helmets from the store, where so few people bought them that they won’t bother making more?

Also, Q4tQ #2: Who do you think we’ll see as the other alternate heroes? Personally, I predict the following:

  • Paladin: Not sure. There are quite a few to choose from, but probably someone like Maraad, Liadrin or Dezco, since another male human wouldn’t be very interesting.
  • Shaman: Possibly Nobundo.
  • Rogue: Garona Halforcen.
  • Druid: Hamuul Runetotem.
  • Priest: Not sure about this one. Possibly Tyrande, who was the Priest hero during the early alpha and beta builds.
  • Warlock: Honestly, the only feasible alternative I can think of would be Cho’gall.

Answer #1 — I have no idea why they haven’t done any more skins for Hearthstone. Maybe they didn’t sell, maybe they just don’t see a need, maybe they’re working on some right now, or maybe they just found other stuff they wanted to work on more for the game like say balancing it so that my wife doesn’t shriek in outrage every single time she plays it.

Answer #2

Druid — Hamuul Runetotem, sort of a ‘no option’ here

Mage — Kael’thas Sunstrider

Paladin — Sunwalker Dezco

Priest — Zabra Hex

Rogue — Mathias Shaw

Shaman — Okay, I’ll go along with Nobundo

Warlock — Wilfred Fizzlebang, Master Summoner


Q4tQ: Is Algalon a Titan or one of the perfect creations of the Titans that failed?

He is a creation of the Titans, not a Titan himself. As he himself states:

Perhaps it is your imperfections… that which grants you free will… that allows you to persevere against all cosmically calculated odds. You prevail where the Titan’s own perfect creations have failed.

He is indeed talking about himself there.


So, Canada’s got a new government.

Quite a day it’s been up here.


That’s The Queue for today. See you all Friday.

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