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DiscussionNov 3, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Mercenary Mode for PVE?

Buried in Blizzard’s BlizzCon Q&A panel poll (which is worthwhile on its own) is a single question that had me jump to my feet and say yes. And that’s hard because I write lying prone. That question is a simple one.

    Will Mercenary Mode (or a similar system) be implemented for PVE activities?

Please, yes. Yes, a thousand times yet. Remove the way factions prevent friends from playing together — let us chat, party and adventure with players of either faction.

I know someone is already working on their whole ‘watering down the game/catering to the casuals’ argument and frankly, I’m not even having it. It’s been a tired old argument since The Burning Crusade was announced, it’s been said about every feature from Summoning Stones at instances to the Group Finder to the Adventure Journal, it’s lost all meaning. This is an amazing idea. This would allow you to play with people you meet, people you know socially, people you used to run with who transferred factions but remain your friends. I know so many folks on Twitter I would run with if I could use this.

Please, Blizzard. Please. Make this happen.

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