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Discussion > WoWNov 21, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: The broad view of time

I used to hate Paladins just because I played a Warrior.

It wasn’t always that way. My first character in WoW was a Paladin. I enjoyed him up until I got into my first dungeon (Deadmines, original flavor, the Edwin Van Cleefiest) and then I ran into the problem — everyone expected me to heal, and I was only in it for the hitting things with a hammer aspect of the class. I re-rolled, became a Warrior partisan, and the feud was on. I hated Paladins. I had a lot of friends who played Paladins, mind you, because I was in a 40 man raid group and it was impossible to raid without them Alliance side (they brought too many good buffs and were solid healers) but I still hated the class.

Cut to eleven years later and man, I just can’t work up the hate for the class I used to.

I’m the same way about the game in general. I’ve been around too long, played too many alts. While I still love Warriors, it no longer has the ‘If I’m great that means everyone else sucks’ aspect it once did. Nowadays, when I say I hate a class, I mean that I hate playing it, rather than just viscerally disliking it for existing, the way I did when the Pallies would roll on DPS gear.

Seriously, Qual, it’s been eleven years and I’m still mad about the Drake Talon Cleaver.

But now, I actually find a lot of classes thematically interesting. I’m looking forward to Survival Hunters, I’m going to level a Demon Hunter for tanking, and I even keep trying to level a Paladin. I’m going to go Protection and try again on my highest level Pally, I’m told my problem with the Retribution spec can be avoided that way. I’m still likely to have like four Warriors in Legion, but I’m hoping to get my DK, Pally, Shaman and Hunter up there and level a Demon Hunter.

And it only took me eleven years. Have you let go of your class prejudices yet? Never had them? Still hate Warlocks/Mages with a burning passion?


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