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The QueueDec 22, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Be all and you’ll be the end all

Hi, and welcome to The Queue. We’re talking about Blizzard games and usually there’s some other stuff. Just be cool.

I’m listening to Anthrax’s State of Euphoria album.

There may be Legion spoilers. Honestly, as I write this paragraph, I really have no idea.


Q4tQ: why is the mythic raiding lockout kept the way it is, and would it be a bad thing to make it function the same as the individual lockouts of the other difficulties?

Mythic difficulty is intended for the prestige raiders — folks who chase after world first kills on the hardest difficulty level possible. I know there are guilds that raid Mythic more casually. I was in the equivalent of just such a guild in Mists. But the Mythic lockout is intended to support and sustain such world first raiding guilds and keep Mythic difficulty as a server only, guild only experience as much as possible.

It wouldn’t bother me personally, but the highest difficulty I raid nowadays is Heroic. If I were currently chasing for a realm first or similar I’d probably feel differently.


Q4Rossi: When it comes time to do the LoreWatch, do you know what you are going to talk about beforehand, or is it just “Lorewatch Time! Lets talk about [Person/Location/Whatever]” ?

Sometimes Anne, Joe or I suggest topics and we pick one by group affirmation, sometimes we decide to change what we’re discussing because they announce a big expansion with demon armies and lots of Artifact weapons, sometimes we just wing it. The most recent LoreWatch, for example, was Anne’s idea and she suggested it I believe at least two weeks before we recorded it.


As a word of warning, there’s jerks intentionally spoiling The Force Awakens in the Group Finder on WoW.  As in putting things right in their group titles…


Look, since we keep talking about this — I posted an article about spoilers yesterday. In terms of people spoiling Star Wars in WoW, well, I think that’s a jerk move. I think spoiling the movie in general is a jerk move. That said, I apparently irritated people when I said this isn’t a Star Wars site and they should go elsewhere to discuss it, so I might as well get people upset again trying to address my feelings on the topic, right? So here goes.

I’m not the comments police. You guys get up to a lot in the comments, I have neither the time nor the inclination to sit here and tell you what to talk about. But spoiling the biggest movie of the past decade for people who really, really want to see it without said spoilers, on a site that doesn’t usually discuss that movie much at all, especially when we’ve given you a place to go discuss the film to your heart’s content? Just don’t, please. I get you’re excited. I get you want to talk about it with the folks you like on the internet. So use the post we’ve provided and please don’t talk about it here in the Queue so that people who don’t want spoilers don’t feel like they have to avoid the site, or the Queue.

This is the link to the post with Star Wars discussion and spoilers. I believe it is obvious that clicking on that link risks seeing said spoilers.

I feel this is sufficient warning to help people who don’t want said spoilers avoid them. Please, just to be considerate to others, especially considering this is The Queue and not a Tavern post, go discuss The Force Awakens in the above post. Please and thank you for your consideration of others. We’re not telling you not to talk about stuff here, but try and keep in mind that people might not want to come back if they expect spoilers in the Queue.

And as for people trying deliberately to ruin the movie for people who are just out playing WoW, well, I think you’re a jerk if you do that.


Q4tQ: What is your favorite ambient soundtrack in WoW?

Personally I’d probably have to say it’s the Azuremyst Isle music.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s my favorite — frankly that would take a very long time to really get straight in my head — but I love the various music from Night Elf zones.


I really wish the wardrobe was a thing already. I’ve been trying to farm some stuff out of heroic bc dungeons and my warrior has all of the set I want on my dk.

Believe me, I share your frustration, but here’s the thing — before they took the Alpha down they managed to introduce a bug into the Wardrobe (which was working before) that causes the Alpha to crash the second you attempt to use the Wardrobe.

Sometimes it’s good to wait and let the testers test things.


Question: Has Blizzard released the minimum system requirements for Legion yet? I could have sworn I saw them somewhere but can’t find the link.

To my knowledge they haven’t. I went and checked the Alpha forums, couldn’t find any post on that, so if they have I’ve failed to secure such information for you. If it helps I’ve been running it fine on the PC I originally got to play Cataclysm on, so it doesn’t feel like it made a huge requirements jump.


I don’t want to get in the middle of drama but, eh, I want to say this.

One of my favourite things about Blizzard Watch is the community. I don’t just mean those of us below the line but all of us. Anne, Rossi, the Elizabeths, Alex, Dan, Fox, Vee, everybody else I’m forgetting ’cause my brain is mush. The attention, care, and hard work that the writers put into this site shows. I love that I can’t see a dinosaur without thinking of Rossi (… I’m not kidding; IDK if that’s normal or not). And, back in October, when Bioware briefly took over the site *grins*, it was fantastic having my favourite people discuss my other favourite game.

The Queue gets a bit weird at times, that’s true. But I think that’s part of its charm. The Queue is like Blizzard Watch’s living room– it’s where we all hang out. Because Blizzard Watch, at least to me, is ‘home’. And I think it’s that way for some other people too, which is why we can, at times, get a bit defensive. We love Blizzard Watch, the Queue, and, at least most of the time, one another.

There’s no place on the interwebs I’d rather be.

Thank you. We hope that it can remain so for you for the foreseeable future.

And it’s true, me and Dinosaurs go way back.

Really I just thought this was a nice comment and I wanted to share it.

Okay, such is the Queue for this day. I shall see you on Christmas Day.

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