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The QueueFeb 6, 2016 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: It’s all in the chin

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

I pretty much love the new dragon models introduced in Legion and I want every color variation that exists. I don’t know how you get them, since we can’t even get to max level at this point in alpha testing, but I want them anyway. Look at those wings. Look at that tail. Look at that chin — I feel like Deathwing maybe wasn’t just about reinforcing his lower jaw when he had that giant metal monstrosity crafted, he was just trying to channel his inner storm drake.


Q4tQ:  If the Blizzard Watch Staff were Muppets, who would they be?

Adam and Alex are definitely Statler and Waldorf (the hecklers in the balcony seats) and I’m pretty sure Matthew Rossi is Grover (maybe even Kermit)…Anne reminds me of Sam the Eagle (the well-organized moral center).

Actually we’ve decided almost immediately that Alex and Rossi are Statler and Waldorf. Liz is probably our resident Kermit because, as she put it, “Kermit’s the one always trying to keep the show running and continually disappointed by those around him while somehow still being optimistic that this madhouse will manage to produce a successful anything.” Mitch is Fozzie, because he makes terrible jokes, at least one person has stated that Matticus is our resident grouch-with-a-heart-of-gold Miss Piggy, and I like to think Joe Perez is Rolf because he’s always got a good story.

We’re still intensely debating everyone else, but…Sam the Eagle? Really? Look buddy, I’m a Fraggle. I talk a million miles an hour, treat almost nothing seriously, laugh at just about everything and occasionally can be found spontaneously bursting into song about nothing at all. Which Fraggle? I don’t know, probably Red because I think up some pretty crazy ideas, and I’m kind of obnoxious. But I mean well. I swear!


Qft(alpha)Queue: What do you have to do to get artifact skins? Are they, like artifact leveling, all available via whichever way we want to play, or are they keyed into specific requirements, like achievements and quests? Edit: and colors too?

We don’t actually know just yet! None of the skins are unlocked (not that we’ve been able to find yet, anyway) on the alpha at the moment. We’ve been told that the skins will be tied to various achievements and activities — like PVP will get one skin, raiding will get you another skin, certain achievements may get you a skin, it’s possible there may be some that you can earn through various dungeon modes or the like, but nothing’s been finalized to the point where we can dig it up and find it. As soon as we figure it out, we’ll definitely talk about it.


QftQ: Why don’t they just have weapon drops remain a thing in Legion? My artifact can be my main and greens/blues can be transmog and off-specs? Otherwise I can see que times rising for dungeons. I’ll main arms on warrior but I usually off-spec prot so that I can tank dungeons with my friends.

Full disclosure: I believe Rossi had a weapon drop for him on alpha, so don’t cross off the idea of no other weapons being readily available just yet. Also, we’re early enough in alpha that I’m pretty sure this is something still actively being discussed and thought about. We’ve been told we’ll be able to get an Artifact for our off-spec, but we don’t know how we’ll get that just yet, or when.

Basically it’s too early to say something “isn’t going to be a thing in Legion,” because stuff on the alpha is changing pretty constantly, and not everything’s been introduced just yet. Given the enormity of people that have off specs for healers, tanks, and even DPS, I doubt this is something that Blizzard is going to leave unaddressed.


QFTQ: What is up with the dangling end of the worgen starting area questline?

It does kind of end a little abruptly, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for more about what happened in the Worgen starting zone, I’d highly recommend leveling a Forsaken, at least through Silverpine. Don’t worry, it’s all very low level so it shouldn’t take you long at all. The pinnacle of Silverpine involves events at and around the Greymane Wall, and while it doesn’t address the people that went over to Kalimdor, it does address the fates of those left behind.

I’d also recommend doing both the Worgen and Forsaken starting zones if you’ve never done either one both because hey, it’s great story, and also because two of the major players from those particular starting zones are also on the cast list for Legion, and it’ll give you a little more clarity as to where all that story in Legion is coming from.


Q4tQ: If a quest was added at the release of the original World of Warcraft, but never picked up or completed by any player character, and ultimately removed and forgotten with the Cataclysm world revamp, did it ever exist at all?

Weirdly enough, there were a few supposed quests in vanilla that had never been completed! Or at least, someone mentioned on the forums that there were some quests that had never been completed. They also didn’t give an indicators or hints as to where those quests might happen to be, which meant that a lot of people went on an abrupt feeding frenzy of gameplay where they tried to track down said uncompleted quests and complete them.

I don’t know whether the quests actually existed, but I think that the process of trying to find them almost became a quest in and of itself. I also don’t know if that answers your question at all, but hey — it’s an interesting bit of trivia regardless.


What is/are the afterlives in Warcraft? We know there are souls/spirits. Often they hang around (or run back to the body to revive). We have dead bodies reanimating, with or without the original soul in them. We have ghosts who ascend (there was a quest in Northrend where we use something to purify the souls of undead, and then they float up in a beam of light). We have a bad afterlife place, where Sylvanas went when she killed herself in ICC.

Then with a plethora of religions, The Light, Ancients, Loa, and more, there are many, many options. Is there a fully defined “good/bad/middle ground” place where the soul goes? Or are there many different options that the person is directed to based on religion/race/deeds/etc.?

We don’t actually have a clear idea of what the afterlife is. There’s a spirit realm, we know that, we also know that people can talk to spirits or ghosts, and sometimes ghosts hang around a good long while after they die. Heck, sometimes ghosts even have quests for us to do. By and large in game we don’t really seem to be so concerned with what happens after you die, it’s more a concern about whether or not you’ll come back. Nobody wants to be Scourge, and realistically nobody really wants to be Forsaken, and having demons that re-emerge from the Twisting Nether after we’ve clearly killed them isn’t exactly viewed with fond eyes, either.

I guess you could say the most emphasis we’ve seen on the afterlife is either in gathering wisdom from revered spirits that have departed and are happy to offer said advice and wisdom, or in how much people would really rather not come back from it, or in dealing with people and creatures that have come back from it. Which…is sensible, I suppose.

We’ll also see a little more about the Vrykul afterlife in Legion, which might offer some additional insights as well.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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