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The QueueMay 10, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Matthew Rossi answers your questions

I have a beard! I’m grumpy all the time! I love dinosaurs and Warriors! I pretend to be old video game characters and talk to pixelated swords!

This is the Queue. Let’s all pretend there could really be someone as ridiculous as Matthew Rossi and watch him answer some questions about Blizzard games.


I lol’d

“Known Issue:

Some players may be accidentally ported to the ocean instead of a boat on the way to the Broken Shore. If this occurs swim forward and you should be ported back on the boat and on your way.”

If this was a real bug fix you would ride to the Broken Shore on the back of a Spinosaur dual wielding Ashkandi while you were also dual wielding Ashkandi and you’d get a special attack called Beardstorm that would kill all demons in your way.

Was that Rossi enough? Man, it’s hard to play this character.


Question for the Queue, Tmog edition.

Certain gear pieces require you to turn in the old gear to get the new one.  (Heroic gear sets).  How will this work with the tmog system?  Can you ‘tmog-unlock’ the regular set then turn it in for the Heroic one and have tmog-unlocked both?  (I don’t want to spend extra gold if I don’t have to).

I don’t know how it works for the other, lesser classes, but for Warriors it works like this — you never get your shoulders to drop, so you never find out.

I believe it basically works exactly as you suggested as of the last Alpha build. I went to ICC and farmed up a bunch of Heroic tier, and I have the various pieces unlocked, the 10 man shoulders, the 25 man shoulders, and then the Heroic 25 man shoulders.


QftQ: On the subject of Transmog and the Wardrobe, What will happen to Void Storage once the Wardrobe is patched in?  Does Void Storage remain as an alternate bank for gear sets (useful for Timewalking sets) or does it all go away and we lose all gear stashed in Void Storage?

As a human-yeti hybrid who loves weapons so much that there’s no way I can bring myself to throw them out or disenchant them, I’m glad to report that Void Storage is staying in the game so I can park my weapons in there and occasionally take them out and smooch on them until my face is all slashed up.


QftQ: Maybe this has been answered elsewhere, but I can’t remember… Is there a story reason for why demon hunters end up choosing Horde or Alliance factions? Seems like of any class they would be the ones to have no faction affiliation …

I wouldn’t know because I’d never play a Demon Hunter or any other class that doesn’t dual wield four Gorehowls at the same time.

But I’ve heard rumors that basically you’re sent to rally the factions, which is easier to do if you’re a part of said faction. It’d probably be pretty hard to rally the Horde if you didn’t join it, and the Horde isn’t likely to let a Night Elf join up, even if he or she has no reason to be loyal to the Alliance.

And you dual wield four Gorehowls by taping two together and making a Gorehowl Glaive, that’s how.


Q4tQ(my first one)

After watching the video for the rebuilt stormwind park the first thought that comes to mind is that its not very protected. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel it seems out of place and opens up stormwind to attack? That being said, i do think it looks nice.

What the park needs is, first we get a ton of Warriors. Just hundreds of them. Then we have the gnomes make them robot dinosaurs that can transform into gigantic versions of Warrior Tier 6, and we call these robots Grim Locks. Each of these robots has hundreds of weapons it can draw and use, and they also have beards that also wield hundreds of weapons.

Also there should be a 500 foot tall Arcanite Reaper floating above the park that targets any enemy ships and just Mortal Strikes them. It yells ‘Arcanite Reaper Hooooo!’ as it does this.

Also, if all that fails, I show up screaming ‘Where are my shoulders?’ and just chain cleave down the entire enemy fleet with one shot. My beard in game is actually made up of hundreds of thousands of small Ashkandi.


I just had a random realisation that when I was indulging in some WoW Legion art design in the form of wowcrendor going through the unfinished Suramar (it looks stunning by the way!) the enemies were skulls to his 100. Is Suramar the only zone to not have level scaling? If so, then that’s pretty awesome! :D

Suramar is indeed a max level zone.


Oh, right. Sorry. Uh… Warriors are awesome and they all should have feathers. No, wait, that’s theropods. Dang it! Seriously, this is hard to keep going. Uh, just pretend I said something about Tauren being awesome. That seems like a Rossi thing to say.


Does a leveling character have access to everything usable in the wardrobe, or are they limited by the level requirements of the transmog item? Eg – can I give an alt Lv1 Paladin’s heirloom gear the Judgement appearance, assuming that set has been unlocked by my main Paladin.

If not, how does that work with quest rewards where the lev-reqs are quite ambiguous?

I rolled a level 1 Warrior to test this out, and the Wardrobe is clear that class and level restrictions are still in place — if you’re not level 100, for example, you can’t use the appearance of gear that’s restricted to level 100, if you’re not a Warrior you can’t use Warrior tier, etc etc. (Note that if you have an item that shares an appearance with a Tier set but isn’t itself a tier piece, you can use that piece… once you’re a high enough level for it to have dropped for you.) So no, you can’t just slap on Ymirjar Lord or Judgement at level 1.

Also reroll Warrior, have some self respect. Seriously, Judgement? I’m shaking my head at you. That sound you’re hearing is my voluminous beard creating friction and igniting from wind resistance.


Q4TQ: If you predominantly play one faction, what’s your favorite race in the opposite faction?

When I predominately played Horde, it was Draenei. When I predominately play Alliance, it’s Tauren. They both look good dual wielding Ashkandi. But I’ll be honest, the reason any race in the game can be a Warrior is because every race in the game looks good dual wielding Ashkandi. Or using four Gorehowls taped together into Gorehow Glaives. From the back of a robot dinosaur.

Okay, that’s enough Rossi forever. The next six Queue’s are going to be a Sprite Darter, Magatha Grimtotem, Sargeras, the Gizmotron Megachopper, a level 45 Cherry Pie (seriously food level restrictions just nonplus me) and my beard. Or, more likely, none of that. Tomorrow is Alex, so be kind.

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