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Heroes of the Storm > NewsJun 7, 2016 9:00 am CT

Waiting for Medivh in the Heroes rotation

Between the Warcraft movie later this week and the release of Medivh in Heroes of the Storm next week, we’re waiting for something to happen. Anything.


Oh well. At least the Heroes anniversary celebration is in full swing, giving us all 50% bonus XP through June 14th. Get to leveling those heroes, readers, so you can stock up on gold to buy Medivh — or whatever other hero strikes your fancy. As ever, we have a new free hero rotation up, which gives you a good chance to level heroes you don’t own for that sweet, sweet gold. Let’s get to it!




Joe: Valla is one of my favorites, I just like how much twitch she has in her playstyle. Feels a lot like a DH from Diablo. Super fun, and some crazy fun builds.

Liz: Death by arrows is the best kind of death. Well, unless you’re the one who’s dying. Ideally you’re the one delivering the death.

Anna: I love me some Valla too! Since I’m still obsessed with Overwatch I’m wondering whether we may get a Reaper skin for her. Strafe’s animation is SO close to Reaper’s ult, though the rest of their kits are extremely different.

Zeratul (unlocked at player level 12)

Anna: Zeratul is a lot of fun to play, though he’s a bit outside my usual ‘stand back and shoot’-style comfort zone. His burst and cloaking can make any squishy opponent’s life very hard. From this rotation, keep your murder blades on Morales and Valla. Malfurion looks like a good target but be careful to not get rooted into too sticky a situation.


Sgt. Hammer (unlocked at player level 15)

Anna: Sgt, Hammer is my secret guilty pleasure but she’s got a tough row to hoe. Because there are so many characters with flashy skillshots now, her style of sitting and autoattacking isn’t super popular, and then add in the burst and the fact that she’s a literal sitting duck, and you’ve got a recipe for being destroyed. She’s super fun in AI and even to a lesser extent in QM, but even Chromie can make quick work of her.

Mitch: Sgt. Hammer is a mean, sometimes-green siege machine. She has a huuuuge range and can do serious siege damage if left unattended. However, be ready to hit Z to zoom out of there because she can’t take too much of a hit (and be especially aware of your enemies since Xul will do work against her).


Joe: I hope Xul dies a horrible fiery death at the hands of the infernals. I reallllllllllllly dislike him. *squinty eyes*

Mitch: Well, Joe and I apparently don’t agree on anything.

Joe: It’s okay Mitch. You’re allowed to be wrong.

Mitch: I  love Xul. He’s the best and can do some serious damage for a specialist. He helps just reinforce my love for undead characters. He is also a really, really good counter for Sgt. Hammer because he can trap her when she tries to run away and then take her out.


Lt. Morales

Joe: Morales is my homegirl. I really love playing her, there’s just something fun about setting things on fire with Napalm, and blowing things up as a giant tank.

Mitch: Morales is a Support hero I’ve actually kind of avoided. She has basically zero offensive capabilities so she’s probably one to avoid unless you really like Support heroes. That being said, a good Morales is an amazing asset… but a good Morales is also very rare.


Anna: As a mostly casual pug-type player who mostly enjoys backline assassins and specialists, a Malfurion who takes me under his misshapen wing with his trait, Innervate, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. But not as fuzzy as Malfurion himself. He’s like an exquisite corpse come to life.

Liz: … what.


Chen (unlocked at player level 5)


Rexxar (unlocked at player level 7)

Anne: FUN FACT: Rexxar faces off against Chen and Li Li during the Elemental Shaman Artifact chain in Legion. And of course they make cracks about it.

Joe: Rehgar, Shaman bro. Not Rexxar.

Anne: I’m going to blame morning, yes.

Joe: Rexxar I am SUPER excited about because I haven’t had a chance to play as him yet (I’m late to the party I know) but he’s like my favorite NPC in WOW so I neeeeeeeeeeeed to play him this week. MISHA GO!

Mitch: *David Tennant voice* I am so, so sorry, Joe. Rexxar is… not great. Maybe you’ll like him but argh, he’s just… such a missed opportunity. I’m patiently awaiting his full revamp because right now he’s not worth the amount of micromanaging you need to do to do well.

That’s it for this week, heroes — we’ll see you in the Nexus! 

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