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The QueueJun 21, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I forgot I had that

One of the great things about the new Wardrobe system coming in Legion is all the stuff I’m unlocking that I entirely forgot about. For example, since I leveled in Vanilla, I’ve done the old Warrior level 20 to mid 30’s quest chain that ended with the Whirlwind weapons, and as a result, I can transmog to all three. Also, I have the Garrosh heirloom 2h axe, and so, I can transmog to that.

I also have Linken’s Sword of Mastery, and I expect I’ll come up with a tanking transmog set built around it.

This is the Queue. Let’s talk about Blizzard games.


How long do you think it will take for you to fully complete the wardrobe?

With the sheer amount of appearances available I don’t see myself ever getting all of them, but I’m not much of a transmog collector.

I won’t.

I don’t like the caster classes and I’m not going to bother to play them. So I won’t bother to collect cloth drops. Likewise, my favorite classes are Warrior, Death Knight, Shaman and maybe Demon Hunter, so weapons like bows, crossbows and guns don’t interest me and I won’t bother to collect those, either. I have every shield I want, so I’m not going to waste time getting any new shields.

I’ll be honest with you. Since there are no new weapon drops in Legion I may be done collecting mog gear. Which is fine by me.


Q4tQ: With Timewalking being a thing, and that quest in Pandaria where you play as Chen through his brewery with pre-selected abilities, do you think old Challenge Modes should come back with “NPC” versions of classes, tuned exactly as blizzard intends and as they were (or would be) when that content was current?

Just to get the old content CM transmogs

No. Those CM’s are gone. Their rewards were available for a time and now that time has passed. I say this as someone who never did them, and hasn’t done the Warlords CM’s either — in both cases the rewards did not tantalize me and I decided to forego the activity because I didn’t want the mog items. Plus I didn’t feel like giving myself a stroke tanking them.

I wouldn’t mind if a different color version of those sets became available, but no, I don’t think we should be able to get them now. They were intended to be limited duration prestige items, let them be that.


Q4TQ: Rossi edition: I’ve noticed since Chronicle came out and now with the movie and Legion spoilers, people keep bringing up “retcons” or questioning certain story changes or correction. My question is how much different would the game be if Blizzard didn’t make changes such as the draenei/erdar thing or my personal favorite Warcraft I humans worshipping God?

If we never changed or added to the lore? We’d be playing in Stonewind, fighting Orcs who were just plain bloodthirsty maniacs, there’d be no Legion in the first place, no Kalimdor or Northrend, no Night Elves or Worgen or Forsaken or Tauren or…

You get the idea. The original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was a much less detailed game than the one we have today, in terms of backstory. Orcs bad, Humans good, get your war on.


QFTQ: In Mists, the Klaxxi’s role is to protect the ideals of the mantid empire even if it mean killing their own empress who has been corrupted by the old god, Y’shaarj. The quest lines and rep grind have you awakening the other members of the Klaxxi and mounting an offensive against Empress Shek’zeer. However, upon reaching reaching exalted with them you are taken down a blocked off passage where they tell you that they align themselves with the old gods similar to their brethren the Nerubians and Qiraji, and if the old ones were to return they would fight for them against the titans. However, my question is that if they are allied alongside the old gods; why are they trying to remove the Empress who has been corrupted by their deity. Shouldn’t they be following her lead since she is being directly influenced by the remnants of an old god? We know that they end up fighting against us in SoO when Garrosh steals the heart. Yet, why do they wait until the end to align with Y’shaarj and cripple their empire for entirely no purpose? It just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

The Empress wasn’t corrupted by Y’Shaarj. He’s dead. Really, really dead. Ripped out of the surface of Azeroth by Aman’thul and torn apart dead. She was corrupted by the Sha of Fear, which was created by the death of Y’Shaarj, but isn’t Y’Shaarj. It’s a manifestation of pure negative emotion (in this case, fear, hence the name) made physical. It doesn’t care about the plans of the Old Gods. It merely cares about embodying and spreading fear, in every way possible. It would destroy Mantid society and not care at all, as long as it created more fear in the process.

The Klaxxi know the difference between the Sha and the Old Gods. They answer the call when Garrosh Hellscream uses the water of the Vale to awaken the Heart of Y’Shaarj because that’s the last remaining bit of Y’Shaarj’s essence, a remnant of the Old God. The Sha are not. They’re born from the Old God’s death, not from the Old God itself.


Q4tQ regarding transmog; (maybe this has been addressed previously) Will sets that we’ve acquired and since vendored, such as the LK pre-event set be available to us in our wardrobe or are they gone for good?

If it was an item from a quest, like the AQ10 pieces you got via a quest, then yes. If it wasn’t — if it was a token turn in, or a drop from a boss, or a vendor purchase then if you don’t have it in your bank, bags or void storage, you don’t have it.

And that’s the Queue. I’ll see you guys Friday.

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