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The QueueJul 22, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Getting ready for Legion

I had a whole cool intro written to this Queue, but then WordPress ate it and I have to write the whole thing over again except I’m completely furious with the thing and so, that’s not happening. Instead, enjoy the picture of my Death Knight using a 2h sword my original Tauren Warrior used back in BC. I love the Wardrobe. Let’s talk about Blizzard games.


If anyone hasn’t noted this yet, one important note for transmogging:  If you buy gear from a vendor like the old Justice/Valor vendors, you need to wait out the two hours for it to not be fully refundable.  If you sell it back to the vendor before then, it’s not going to stick in your wardrobe.  So you can’t just go get “free” outfits.  (I’ve got a good chunk of bank storage taken up with pieces waiting to expire, but it’s on my main, so I should be playing him long enough in the next couple days to run out the timer.)

There are several ways around this. As people pointed out, you can put a cheap enchant on the gear or put it in Void Storage, you can simply destroy the gear (once you wait the two hours it won’t sell back for nearly as much as you paid for it anyway) or you can simply transmog your current gear to the appearance of the gear you just purchased. Using that appearance will prompt a “This will make this item non-refundable” box and once you click Okay, the stuff is now safe to vendor.



So when demon hunters got announced, I saved a name for mine by making an alt with it.

I’ve never really done something like that before, because I didn’t care about monks, so my question is, is there going to be a wait period after I delete that alt before I can make the demon hunter with that name?

And, does it matter or not whether I’ve ever logged into the name-saving alt? I hadn’t intended to ever log into it, just in case that mattered somehow, but I did on accident once…

As long as no one selects that name in the time between you deleting your current toon and rolling the new one, you should be fine. I make this point because this exact thing has happened to me twice, and in both cases the delay wasn’t even very long, so not only dis the name not on a wait period, I would suggest you get that character saved as soon as possible. You never know what can happen.


Q4tQ:  Do you like the new Stormwind Park?  I remembered to go check that out last night… it looks like they’ve set it up to progressively iterate the park as (what I assume will be) new trees grow.  Regardless, I think it’s definitely better than the rubble that’s been there since Deathwing went sight seeing.

I didn’t care when it was a park in the old days. I didn’t care when Deathwing destroyed it. I don’t care that they fixed it.

I have never cared less about virtual real estate than I do about Stormwind’s destroyed/restored park. I don’t care. I used to not care in a passive way, but now, my not caring about the park is a willful, even obstinate refusal to give even the slightest bit of caring to this park.

If they put up a statue of Ashkandi in it, I wouldn’t care. That’s how committed I am to not caring about the park. That Ashkandi statue could be wielded by a statue of Lothar himself riding on the back of a raptor with the proper feathers on it, and I still wouldn’t care.

Far as I’m concerned Deathwing could come back just to ruin that park again and I’d not even bother to go look at the crater.

But if you like it, great. I hope you get a lot of use out of it. Maybe there’s a Pokestop there.

(It’s not your fault I’m so meh on the subject of the park, though. It’s totally just me being myself.)


Is there a good add-on that provides you with a list of the items you still need from a given zone or dungeon or raid. Legion Wardrobe used to work this way, though the functionality seems to have changed now that the wardrobe is actually out. And one of my annoyances with it was that you had to go through each tab of the different item types. What I would love is an add-on that could quickly list off items, “these are the appearances you could unlock if you quested in Duskwood” and “these are the appearances you still want in Naxx.”

I don’t know of an addon that does what you’re looking for. The Wardrobe had a lot of filtering options, and Can I Mog it? is a very handy addon but it doesn’t do what you’re looking for, either. I know that Mogit was updated recently as well, I haven’t gotten to try it out yet, but based on a cursory scan, it doesn’t do that either.

I do know you can search the Wardrobe manually and set it to show you every piece you haven’t collected yet, and sort them by slot so you can look at every helmet you don’t have, or every breastplate, or so have you, and mousing over them will tell you where they drop. I know that’s not quite what you’re looking for. I know from Liz’s Queue that a lot of our commenters are on point with transmog and I hope one of them has more information for you.


Hadn’t played a Gnome since Vanilla. Was reminded that Blizzard made the design snafu of not making every race have the same physical sized invisible model when determining physical interactions. Having to swim through puddles everyone else can run through is fun.

Running Black Morass on my Gnome Monk was less than ideal. At least I didn’t drown — back when that dungeon first came out, you could seriously die in there on a Gnome, just from drowning.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Have a goog weekend and ask Anne lots of questions. I’ll be around Tuesday, and I might talk about that new raptor Phillip Currie found.

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