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The QueueJul 26, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: On The Shoulders of Giants

Today’s my ‘Go get injected in the eyes’ day — as you read this, I will likely be in the chair looking at the wall with the restraints in my eyes to keep them from closing. So try and be nice to each other, I won’t be here to read your responses.

This is the Queue. We talk about Blizzard and the games thereof.


The “mail weapons to everyone for other specs” thing was a nice idea, but I didn’t get a 2H for my BM monk (who was dual-wielding two 1H), or two 1H for my frost DK (who had a 2H). Had to downgrade back to BoA weapons, which isn’t a big deal since I seldom do WoD content with those toons. I feel bad for players who got similarly screwed on their mains though.

My Beast Mastery Hunter got a polearm in the mail.

My Blood DK got two 1h weapons in the mail.

As did my other Blood DK.

All my Warriors got two 2h weapons in the mail.

I frankly don’t understand what happened in your case and if I were you I would submit a ticket. I even got weapons in the mail on characters who weren’t even close to level cap, like my level 22 bank alt Warrior.

I haven’t played my Monk in forever, so I have no idea if she got a weapon or not. I don’t think she would, because I think the expectation is that you shouldn’t be DWing on a Brewmaster, but I could be wrong. I’d still file a ticket.

I was poking around on the beta when a thought occurred to me. All of the premade characters start with a Item level of 680, most of my toons are around 600 or below. How concerned should I be?

I wouldn’t say concerned, but definitely be aware that some specs perform differently at different gear levels. Fury Warriors definitely need to be at least 650 to do well against same level mobs in Tanaan, while Arms has more wiggle room there. The Invasion should provide you with some ilevel 700 gear which will smooth out the process, however.


Q4tQ: it has come to my attention that I only have one Pally amongst all my toons.
were I to roll another one, what race should she be?  Assuming Ret.
Bonus points are award to the correct answer.

Go to your character select screen.

Find the server with the Paladin on it.

Find said Paladin.

Delete said Paladin.

There. You have made the correct choice.

Seriously why would you even ask this question on a day I’m going to be answering the Queue? On Matt gets injected in the eyes day no less? Delete your Paladin. Delete it now. You’ll feel better. We’ll all feel better. Especially me.

If you want an answer that takes this question seriously (why?) then ask it again, I’m sure Alex has an opinion.

Delete your Paladin.


Has anyone else been doing the “The End Is Coming” achievement with the Doomsayers in Orgrimmar and Stormwind by killing themselves repeatedly?  It seems…appropriate.


Based on all the corpses I see around those fellas, yeah, quite a few people are doing it by mounting up and taking a drop.


Q4TQ: Is there an artifact(s) that you’re planning on collecting all appearances?

Strom’kar, the Warbreaker.


So catching up on the Goodie Bag… um, the Diablo logo was new. It’s a D in a four-sided square, not the D3 logo at all.


Seriously, I’m so excited right now about this hint that I can’t breathe and I may need to call 911 because my heart.

*: Not confirmed, but strongly suggested.

While I fervently and sincerely hope you are correct, I’m going to caution you now not to assume anything until it’s announced. Trust me on this — it may well be the case that there will be a Diablo 4 announcement, and I would love for that to be the case. But until you have something more concrete than a Goodie Bag, don’t get yourself too excited for Diablo 4.

Man, I hope there are Barbarians in it. I love Barbarians.


Q4TQ: So whatever happened with Quel’delar and the wardrobe? If I only got swords in the past, did I get the mace appearances too?

You should have every possible reward from the Quel’Delar quest. I know I have the mace as well as the 1h and 2h sword models.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Hopefully by the time you read this I’m done with my injections and able to do the podcast. Take care, everyone. Be safe.

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