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The Queue: Dinosaur Paladin again

Yes, I used Rezan again for the header image, are you kidding? I might never use another header image again.

So, you know how Zandalar won’t be getting Paladins in BFA? Well, I figured it out. It’s jealousy. Here’s why.

Human Paladins – “We get our power from the Holy Light.”
Dwarf Paladins – “Eh, whatever, that’ll do, we’re in for the Light deal.”
Draenei Paladins – “Naaru guide us.”
Blood Elf Paladins – “Well, we kidnapped a Naaru and tortured it until it died and went Void, but we’re cool now. Light’s cool.”
Dark Iron Paladins – “We –”
Lightforged Paladins – “Woah, woah, BACK UP, what did that Blood Elf just say? They did WHAT?”
Tauren Paladins – “We seek the Light of An’she, the glorious sun, the mate of Mu’sha.”
Lightforged – “I REALLY need us to do a rewind on what that Blood Elf just said.”
Zandalar – “A big freaking Dinosaur gave me my powers.”

Tell me everyone wouldn’t be jealous as hell.

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