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The QueueJul 29, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Suffer well, Paladins!

It’s 2 am as I write this. It’s been a heck of a week, some good, some really bad. I’m listening to Everlong by the Foo Fighters.I spent much of yesterday messing around with transmog and putting together this sweet mog for my DK. I like to think she hangs around the Paladins and acts all confused when they don’t like her.

Let’s get this Queue train rolling.


Q for the Q: We all roll alts. For some, it’s an ideal way to relearn a class after heavy changes. There are some sections of old geography where I know the quests like the back of my hand, but still enjoy replaying them. In contrast, I’m doing Firelands at level 86 while waiting for the Dungeon Finder to pop in the sincere hope of getting to 90 without having to hear another Pandaren voice actor. Is there any content that you simply cannot bring yourself to repeat?

Do we all roll alts? I mean, I do, and most people I know do. But I’m sure at least some of us don’t.

That’s not really important, sorry, I just started drifting there.I have to admit I disagree with your assessment of Pandaria and its voice actors. I mean, Jim Cummings.

Anyway, I hate Vashj’ir. I won’t go there. I get why other people like it, but I don’t.



Q4Rossi (and anyone else as well, i suppose): Now that we’ve spent some time relearning the specs to the classes we play, how do you like the changes as they stand now?

You have called for Rossi, and Rossi will answer.

I love Rampage. I just freaking love it.

On the whole, I feel like tanking specs are too weak and the whole ‘let’s making healing interesting again’ nerfs to all tanking specs went too far and are based on a misconceived notion. If you want to make healing interesting again, make healing interesting again. I suppose one could debate whether or not healing was ever interesting, but you get my point — redesign healing to be more fun for healers, don’t take what tank players liked about tanking and throw it out.

Arms and Fury are solid. I think Arms will be a better leveling spec because it has Victory Rush and Fury just has Bloodthirst, which does not heal for enough, plus the increased damage Fury takes when it goes into an enrage is brutal. Don’t like that at all, and we’re going to see Fury Warriors dying like roadkill in raids from it.

Overall I think Blood’s the most fun I have on my DK, although Unholy has its charms and I still dig Frost. On my Hunter, I can’t grok Survival yet, I’ve tried, but I’m stubbornly Beast Mastery for now. We’ll see how I feel once we get into Artifact country. I haven’t even tried Marks yet.

I’m afraid to try my Shaman. I’m told Enhancement really plays weird without the Artifact, and I’m honestly two expansions out of date on how to play him as it is.

That about sums it up. I’d say Warriors need some tanking love, my DK feels strong but still has issues in some dungeons, my Hunter is ranged 4 life, and I’m scared to play a Shaman now.



I don’t understand how newbies to this game will learn dungeons. Once I dinged 15 on my Warrior last night I queued up and got Deadmines. Now, I had a feeling how this was going to go down, and it turned out even worse than I thought.

The redesign means whatever knowledge I had of Warriors before was basically pointless, and I’ve got zero heirlooms on this character. My gear consists of drops and quests only. So I’m at the level of a newer player.

Everyone else was full heirloomed-out. They tore thru the mobs like a stray dog to steak. One, two hits at most. I couldn’t keep up. They’d literally be one or two rooms ahead of me. I’d be running, stop for a second to loot, and they’d get even further. Once we got to the ship I was just climbing on and they were already at the damn top.

I got maybe 7 hits in total on things in there (counting two charges) before we got to Cookie. And he got maybe 3 or 4 hits from me.

How the hell are new players supposed to learn dungeons when everyone they queue up with is a living buzzsaw thru those instances?

The answer to your question is simple: They’re not going to learn dungeons until they’re higher level. Low level dungeons are essentially unimportant. You run them once to finish your quests and by the time you do that you’ve outleveled the gear that might have dropped in them. It’s pointless to resist. Heirlooms have helped to render leveling nearly meaningless until you’re around level 60 or so. But it’s not just heirlooms at fault. When I was leveling my Monk, I wasn’t even using heirlooms and I trivalized every dungeon we ran.

I killed entire rooms with Keg Smash. (I am of course speaking about pre-7.0, I have no idea what Brewmasters are like now.)

So for me at least it feels like we’re in a place where the leveling game needs a revamp. For starters, heirlooms need to go — they contribute to an atomosphere where nobody learns how to play their class or deal with the mechanics for close to fifty plus levels. Then gear itself and the item squish needs to be retuned so that when you get a higher ilevel drop, you actually care. Even when we leveled without an heirloom, we quickly started to notice that gear remained stagnant. Some of us used gear from Outland up until mid-Pandaria or later and it worked out fine.

Also, in general the time it takes to kill stuff, especially between level 20 and 70, needs to go up. Things die before you can even target them sometimes in groups.


Q4Q:  In Legion, how much actual game time can we expect to be spending in our Order Halls?  Will we just pop in to pick up a quest, and maybe upgrade an artifact weapon, or will there be things we want/need to do in them?

Much less than the Garrison. I think if you combine the time you’ll spend in New Dalaran with the time you’ll spend in your Class Order Hall, you’d be looking at about half as much time as we currently spend in Garrisons. You’ll go to your Garrison to get quests and missions, upgrade your Artifact, and do the Campaign stuff (which is pretty cool, honestly) and the rest of the time you’ll be doing dungeons, world quests, and other things of that nature.

Then there’s raiding, but that’s another story. I’d definitely expect to spend a lot less time in my Order Hall.


I feel like all the gold I’ve so carefully built up thru the garrisons and been saving for that stupid spider mount in Legion is slowly dwindling away because of all the gear I want to collect from vendors x.x

I find myself buying gear on my more flush characters just because four out of the five characters I play now wear plate, which makes it easier. But I get what you’re saying.

I’m weird and many of my alts are on different servers so I can’t just mail gold to myself, so this is a workaround.

Okay. This has been the Queue for this Friday. I’d like to take the moment and say thanks to everyone who helped me out Thursday with book promotion and just generally offering well wishes — it’s been a traumatic year and your support very much helps. Thank you.

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