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Heroes of the StormAug 9, 2016 9:00 am CT

Auriel arrives in the Nexus, plus this week’s hero rotation

It’s a busy week for Blizzard fans with Demon Hunters in World of Warcraft, One Night in Karazhan in Hearthstone, and, of course, Auriel for the Heroes of the Storm fans. With excitement across the board, it’s going to be hard to figure out what to play this week — but if you’re sticking to Heroes, we have a brand new hero rotation for you.

So let’s take a look at what’s on the week’s lineup alongside the team’s thoughts.

For some reason, our conversation kicks off with Li-Ming…

Anna: Pretty much the only Hero I’ve been playing recently, dailies aside, is Li-Ming #justkhroenthings

Alex: I’m banking my Li-Ming playtime for volleyball Li-Ming.

Liz: maybe we’ll get volleyball Li-Ming this week. We are into the Olympics now.


Greymane (unlocked at player level 15)

Alex: I didn’t like Greymane when he was first released, but I’ve really warmed up to him. Possibly due to the huge buff they gave to his damage in worgen form. If he leaps on some squishy, SOMEONE is dying in that situation. Hopefully it isn’t Greymane. Sometimes, it is.




Sgt. Hammer (unlocked at player level 12)

Anne: I kind of wish they’d introduce another Sgt. Hammer or Lt. Morales character, like not for gameplay reasons but just because personifications of vehicles are pretty neat

Anna: As a result of Sgt Hammer being on rotation, this may be a great week to get your skill shot practice on.

Alex: I don’t play Hammer anymore. Because Chromie exists. It’s inevitable. I pick Hammer, there is a Chromie.

Anna: Kael wrecks Hammer pretty hard, too. He doesn’t even have to burn gravity lapse until she tries to escape. She’s a sitting duck.

Alex: The worst part about Chromie is you can’t even see her coming. I think she’s the only character who completely outranges Hammer. The only harder counter I can think of is Tychus and Tracer rendering Murky unplayable thanks to their attack speed.

Anna: Hammer was a favorite of mine, but she’s just too much of a liability unless you completely luck out on your opponent’s comp.




Uther (unlocked at player level 7)

Liz: I’m surprised to see Uther with a level limit. We almost never see him with a level limit. Do they just pick these level limits at random?

Anna: I honestly don’t know and it seems kind of insulting to ask the powers that be.

Alex: I don’t know if they rank these according to difficulty or if everything about level 5 is just a bonus.

Liz: I went back through old rotations and sometimes Uther has a level restriction, but mostly he doesn’t. I always thought they based these on skill level but… maybe not.




Johanna (unlocked at player level 5)

That wraps up this week’s rotation! So who will you be playing this week — grabbing someone out of the free rotation or picking up Auriel? If you aren’t keen on dropping 15,000 gold for her, remember she’ll drop in price in a couple of weeks (plus you’ll have a chance to see her in action before you make the decision).

As always, we’ll see you in the Nexus!

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