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Discussion > WoWAug 14, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Would you play an Ogre Paladin?

I’m the guy who makes weird race/class cominations. When I play table top RPG’s, I’m almost always the weird one in my group — the Wild Elf Barbarian, the Lizardfolk Fighter/Mage, the Hobgoblin Cleric who dresses up like a bat to scare criminals. So I’ve always lamented WoW’s character restrictions on classes, even when I agree they make sense. I’ve always been disappointed with the racial limits on Druids, for instance. I get why we can’t have Draenei Demon Hunters or Warlocks, but I’d love to have one of each.

Not only that, but while WoW has a lot of races nowadays — six per faction and then Pandaren in each so fifteen in total — I’ve always wanted more. Ogres. Saurok. Naga. Saberon. Legion has made me think it would be great if we got Vrykul — Horde could get Ogres, Alliance Vrykul. And I’ve always wanted variants like Mag’har, Broken, Grimtotem or Taunka or Yaungol Tauren, Dark Iron Dwarves, or Alliance High Elves. Because I’d roll all sort of crazy characters if I could do so. An Ogre Paladin? Sure, why not? The Light should be open to all.

But I know I tend to get excited about things that others think silly or irrelevant, so I’ll just put it here — would you be excited for wide open race/character combinations? Would you like more variety in playable races? Or do you think WoW has enough already?

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