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DiscussionAug 26, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: How fast will you level?

While talking during the leveling stream this week, we were discussing our plans for Legion launch day and Mitch said he was planning to go full ‘gremlin D.Va’ and just play until he was level 110.

I simultaneously admire and loathe this idea.

I admire it because I wish I could still do it, but I loathe it because I know trying would just about kill me.

I just can’t play WoW, or indeed any video game, for that long anymore. Two hours in front of a screen and I get antsy. Four hours and I’m utterly fried. So I know I’m taking at least three or four days to hit max level this time around. But man, I miss the days of pulling all-nighters and blazing through an expansion’s new zones and quests.

And with stuff like World Quests, three Artifacts to level, and a whole host of level 100 alts to get to max level I find myself longing to just get started on it as soon as possible. The invasions have been fun, I’m enjoying my Demon Hunters, but I want to sink my teeth into Legion and really just rip off whole big hunks of lore and swallow it all down as soon as possible. To quote Adam Holisky, I’d like to go ham on the lore.

Still, I know myself and my limitations. I simply don’t have it in me to do that anymore. So here’s your chance to let me live vicariously through you, commenters — who here is going to burn their way to 110 as fast as possible? Which of you are going to, and I quote, ‘go gremlin D.Va’ and get there with the aid of a plethora of utterly unhealthy snacks? Or even healthy ones?

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