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The QueueOct 13, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Two gods enter

What happens when you pit one god against another*? Let’s find out in this totally scientific examination of their chances. Read on for today’s Two Bosses Enter Queue.

* May or may not be actual gods, but they both like to call themselves that, so we’re going to go with it.


I was trying to look this up last night but Google let me down. Do you just funnel artifact points into your main weapon until it caps, or is there a point at which you should stop and switch to an alt spec weapon?

Liz: Galdwynn pointed out a post by Zagam that lays out just what everything costs, and several pointed out that level 13 is time to switch things up. But really, the whole question is: what are your goals? If you’re switching specs around for groups, World Quests, whatever, then 13 is the time to switch artifacts and start building them up. I guess it’s kind of akin to turning on dual spec in Ye Olden Days (you know, of Warlords). I’m working on one Artifact at a time, but there’s no telling when I’ll get bored of it.


Lazy ass question 4 the quevians: When does the Xavius wing of LFR open?

Liz: That’s a great question, because the answer is: who knows! The last wing of LFR (Xavius) was originally scheduled to open on October 25. But then Blizzard released the second wing a week earlier than their posted schedule, just one week after wing one. Then, instead of continuing the one a week schedule, wing three did not open this week. So are they going back to the “one wing every two weeks” schedule (which they have not followed at any point in Legion), which would put it out next week? Or are they going back to their originally posted dates, which would put it out on the 25th? I repeat: who knows.


Q4TQ: I haven’t played OVR in a bit, and didn’t log in at all during the Rio Games for skins and goodies. But I feel like jumping back in this weekend to check out the Halloween goodness.

How are the pumpkin loot boxes awarded? Is it just by matches? Does the new Co-Op I read about also reward them? Do the skins have a chance to drop from regular loot boxes?

Liz: Instead of regular loot boxes, you now get Halloween loot boxes. Hooray! And, unlike the Olympic event, you can now buy the holiday skins for gold. Double Hooray! You no longer have to rely completely on RNG to snag the rewards you want.


Q4TQ: Now that we’ve had six weeks to enjoy our artifact weapons, which canon weapons that didn’t make the artifact cut would you like to see made available?

Liz: WTB wand artifact. Except I have no idea if there are actually any famous wands in the game. Everyone seems to have upgraded to a staff. Could we hit Khadgar over the head, grab Atiesh, and run? (And then just hide it behind our backs whenever we see him. No, Khadgar, we have no idea who might have taken it.)


2 Bosses Enter: God-King Skovold vs Odyn?

Liz: Ugh. Odyn’s kind of a jerk. I mean, he turned his adopted daughter into an undead Val’kyr against her will so he could build an army of Valarjar. And Skovold’s kind of a jerk, too. He killed his father, his mother, and his brothers so he could rule Stormheim. By the time we show up, he’s cheating his way through the trials to get to the Halls of Valor in a race to beat us to the Aegis of Aggramar. I just hate both of these guys. Can we have two losers here?

Mitch: I don’t like Odyn. That guy annoys me. Go go, God-King!

Liz: What, and Skovold’s a-okay?

Mitch: He’s a prick, but at least he’s evil. Odyn is a good guy and still finds ways to be annoying.

Liz: Odyn is a bad guy (or at least bad-ish) guy who thinks he’s a good guy. Which, okay, that’s pretty annoying. I guess whoever wins, I’d rather have Odyn lose.

Mitch: Exactly.

And that’s it for today’s Queue. Remember to leave your questions in the comments for Rossi tomorrow, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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