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The QueueNov 18, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Catching Up

Hey everyone. How’s every little thing?

I’m playing catch up in WoW lately, I’ve been sick and stressed and had a lot of real life stuff that made playing hard. But now I’m working on getting back to it, and that means a lot of World Quests and such. I definitely noticed that chance to WQ’s in 7.1 when I hit 110 on my DK and suddenly, there they were, I didn’t have to go unlock them again. That was pretty cool.

Anyway, here’s the Queue. Since Mitch wrote yesterdays, y’all probably won’t have asked any questions.


What is the status of realm hopping now? I’ve been going back to Draenor and Pandaria to hunt some rares for toys and mounts and such and I haven’t been able to find server hop groups in the group finder anymore. I haven’t tried this since like before HFC, so… is this just not a thing anymore? Does it still work? Is there a better way to go about it nowadays? Or is it just that nobody cares because of Legion?

You can’t server hop unless you’re in the same zone as the group leader, entirely to prevent people from going from server to server seeing if a rare spawn is up.


Doing some testing on that major load-in lag that lots of us get. For me, at least, it appears to be TradeSkillMaster.

Sadly, for me it’s absolutely not TradeSkillMaster, because I don’t have it and yet I’m having horrendous loading screen lag.


Q4RossiQueue: Why is there a non-Odyn ascended Val’kyr recruiting minions in Skyhold?

The most probable answer is that Blizzard goofed. They forgot to make Savyn gold like the other Light-infused Val’kyr under Eyir.

But rather than just say that, I’ll try and make an explanation for you. The Val’kyr that serve Helya once served Odyn, and those Val’kyr resemble the ones from Northrend. Perhaps Savyn Valorborn defected from Helya to Odyn, seeing the Legion as a grave threat to all of Azeroth, and in order to prove her loyalty is recruiting other such Val’kyr to the service of the Battlelord. It should also be noted that Ashildir, the Queen of the Valkyra is long dead, yet still appears to rule the Valkyra and appears neither as a gold nor a silver Val’kyr, but simply as a ghost.

This might mean that there are stages to the Val’kyr, that one has to spend time as a ghost (as Ashildir is clearly favored by Eyir, serving to keep the Temple of the goddess) before becoming a Val’kyr, and then only later being entrusted with Odyn and Eyir with the Holy Light, as we see in the Halls of Valor dungeon when Hyrja is chosen. It’s also possible that the golden Val’kyr are the ones specifically chosen by Eyir, and all other Val’kyr (even ones that serve Odyn) are the silver ones.

But my money’s on a simple mistake on Blizz’s part.


Q4tQ: What do you think it’s the top thing that remarked World of Warcraft as the best MMORPG ever made?

– In my opinion, it’s the huge size and complexity of the map, you can be lost for days in Azeroth having fun and being amazed by your surroundings and you don’t even need to do a single quest. No other game has brought this feeling to me like WoW.

Well, first off, ‘best MMO ever’ is a hugely subjective thing. I love WoW, I’ve played it for 12 years and counting. But that doesn’t mean it hits every single button I want an MMO to hit. In some ways, I think Star Wars — The Old Republic is a better MMO than WoW, and in others I think City of Heroes/Villains was absolutely the best MMO I’ve ever played. I loved that game.

If I had to come right out and say what I think WoW‘s truest strength is, the reason for its longevity and the reason I’m still playing it twelve years later, it’s that it is the Beatles of MMO’s. It wasn’t the first to do what it does, but it managed to reinvent itself several times without losing its heart, it perfected the craft and became so synonymous with the term that we’ll never be able to think of MMORPG without thinking of World of Warcraft. So many people played WoW at one time or another that if you’re trying to explain what the genre is to someone, you can just say “you know, like World of Warcraft” and that’s good enough in most cases.

WoW didn’t invent the MMO, nor did it truly try and innovate it, but rather it distilled it down to its essence and then repeatedly managed to change as its audience changed without sacrificing the core World of Warcraft essence of itself. That would be its greatest strength and its hallmark, in my opinion, and the reason it’s hung around this long.


If you play WoW with someone you know in real life, do you call them by their in-game name, or their real life name when playing with them?

When I play with my wife, I generally call her by her name. But the fact is, we often play when it’s just the two of us and I don’t have to call her anything, since she’s the only person I’m talking to.


Hey, guys. I kind of always wanted to ask you all a question in one of these things. And heck, I’m writing the thing, so I totally can.

My question is, what class should I bump to 110 next? I have my two 110 Warriors (Night Elf and Human) and my DK, and my choices are Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, Monk or Druid.

What’s your opinion, all? Let me know in the comments.

Since I asked the question, I’ll use this space to say thanks in advance for your advice on this matter.

Okay, that’s the Queue from me for today. I’m working on my DK’s gear, trying to get some writing done both for the site and in general (buy my books, as an indy author I’m pretty much always trying to promote them) and otherwise trying to get my panic attacks under control and my life back on an even keel. I hope you’re all doing okay. Make sure to ask Anne a lot of questions.

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