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Breakfast TopicDec 14, 2016 8:00 am CT

Who are WoW’s most intimidating enemies?

If you’ve been playing WoW since the early days, you probably remember the classic Onyxia encounter. Your raid had to carefully position itself on either side of her, and the tank had to keep control of her to avoid having her turn on the raid and wipe out half the team. And if you happened to get tail swiped into the whelp eggs… well, that was the end. 50 DKP minus to you, sir.

But when I stop to consider what’s caused me the most heartache and death in WoW, one thing stands out: the elevator.

Worse than the Black Dragonflight, worse than the Lich King, worse, perhaps, than the Burning Legion itself. Sure, elevators may seem innocent, but it’s a lie. The world’s elevators are pure deathtraps, lacking even basic safety features. There’s no notification of when they’re moving up or down, leaving you to run on to the elevator platform only to find it’s vanished beneath your feet. There are no safety rails or doors to keep you in or out, making it simple for the unwary to plummet to their doom. Unlike your average raid boss, which has a fixed set of abilities you can learn and work around, elevators are fickle and unpredictable.  The game’s elevators must all be approached with great caution.

(Though, admittedly, the seagulls in Eye of Azshara might give them a run for their money.)

But now’s it’s time for you to chime in, whether silly or serious. What’s the in-game person, place, or thing that always makes you cringe and turn back in fright?

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