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The QueueDec 24, 2016 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Chaos unleashed

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

I had no idea that Chaos Bolts were actually dragon…ish…things until Alex mentioned it on this week’s livestream, and promptly fired one straight at the camera. On a totally unrelated note, this week’s livestream won’t be released due to some technical issues with the audio. Sorry guys, we’re trying to get it sorted out!


Just wondering: Did ogres found on Azeroth all come from Draenor with the orcs or are there Azeroth-ogres?

As far as we know, they all came from Draenor — Azeroth never had ogres at all until that pesky Dark Portal showed up. They’re descended from the Breakers on Draenor, and they were allied with the Orcs just prior to the First War. After the defeat of the Old Horde in the Second War, the assorted ogre clans scattered all across Azeroth, which is why you see them…just about everywhere you go. Apparently, they’re pretty prolific.


In 7.2, will we need to have completed the amazingly long quest chain starting with The Power Within (collect 30 Corrupted Essences, complete EVERY Mythic dungeon, etc.) in order to continue progression on our artifact weapon? A few ppl in my raid are saying this MUST be done in order for the new Gold Dragon trait to be revealed. I abandoned the quest as soon as Kalec asked for 20(?) Blood of Sargeras, because, expensive!! and I’m not really invested in the artifact appearances, which besides a crap tonne of AP, its the only thing you get from the chain. Help?

I don’t think we’ve heard anything at all about how those additional traits will be unlocked in 7.2 just yet. The quest that you’re referring to (and it’s a very long chain) is for unlocking an Artifact appearance. It’s a cosmetic reward, and has no bearing on Artifact Traits at all.


Could be beating a dead horse – do you think Legion is the worst expac for professions? Gated through dungeons!

Absolutely not. Honestly, I still think Warlords was the worst for professions. Having everything tied to work order production fell really flat for me — particularly as a Jewelcrafter. I didn’t prospect a single piece of ore the entire expansion. Instead, I threw ore at an NPC to make artificial crystals, which weren’t even a main component — in order to get gems I had to somehow slap some ore and herbs together (how that worked, I’ll never know) to create gems, and then use the crystals to make better gems, but only if I’d gotten the recipes, which required me to make books to purchase.

Books. I’m making books. As a Jewelcrafter.

None of it made any kind of logical sense. It had nothing to do with how I had been practicing Jewelcrafting since Burning Crusade. It felt like a heavy-handed and ridiculous method to try and keep garrisons relevant — which I understand from a design perspective, you want that thing you spent all that time building to have a purpose. But considering that they essentially gutted sockets for the most part and made gems mostly useless, it wasn’t like I was practicing a lot of Jewelcrafting anyway, aside from make a few measly items for my Rogue because hey, I should probably do something with all those materials I spent so much time meticulously gathering every day.


…wow. Apparently I have feelings about Jewelcrafting. Sorry about that — anyway to go back to your point, I feel a lot better about having to run a dungeon or two to progress than I did about…just about everything on Draenor. It feels a little weird, but it’s not completely out of place. And I’m happily prospecting ore again, which I appreciate.


Do you think Blizzard should make a Chronicle-style compendium of Warcraft weapons and items with lore and art?

On the one hand, that’s a pretty cool idea. On the other, I don’t think there are quite enough weapons with stories to fill out an entire book Chronicle-style. I do think a smaller, coffee-table kind of book with plenty of Blizzard art and information on the weapons that do have cool stories would be pretty fun to read, though. You could just call it Weapons of Warcraft. It’d be neat.


Doesn’t it seem like there should be post-Garrosh changes to Orgrimmar? Goblins & Trolls are still segregated to slums.

To be fair, Trolls have always had a separate area — in classic WoW it was on the way out of the side exit of the city, sort of like it is right now. And the Cataclysm change to the Troll area made it a lot nicer than it was originally. They’ve got more buildings and structures. The Goblin area…I don’t really think that was so much Garrosh’s doing as it was just a natural byproduct of stuffing a bunch of Goblins with a penchant for noxious tinkering in one area. If you’ve ever played through the Goblin starting zone, it was much the same way — kind of dingy and dirty looking. I think the Goblins could use some kind of update, maybe throw some actual buildings into the area instead of all the little boring stalls and things — but I like how the Troll area looks.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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