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What is your unpopular opinion?

Unlike some members of this site, I have a fashion sense that is unparalleled. Look no further than the above image for proof of this. But — believe it or not — there are some who don’t find my Warlock’s transmog choices to be, as the kids say, “so fetch.” In fact, quite a few people responded to this sartorial display of elegance with umbrage — so many that I realized my particular opinion of this outfit was actually the unpopular one.

And while all of the above is an incredibly roundabout way of getting to my point while ensuring no editor can possibly remove my glorious header image, it does indeed have a point: Sometimes, we have strong feelings about something that there’s no possible way anyone could disagree with only to find out that actually pretty much everyone disagrees with those feelings. Other times, we know from the get-go that our opinions are unpopular but we stick to them all the same.

For example, I know how much everyone in WoW loves flying, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like it shouldn’t be added until the content in which flying is being added is old news. Do I see why people want it earlier? Yes. Do I take advantage of it when it’s added? Oh, totally. But I still wouldn’t mind if Blizzard held off on flying in zones until a new expansion was on the horizon.

So what, in our multitude of Blizzard games and universes, is your unpopular opinion? Should every game follow Heart of the Swarm and Heroes of the Storm in using the “HotS” abbreviation? Does appearing offline in not actually matter? Let us know — and, please, keep it civil!

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