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The Queue: What could have been

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While venturing through Ahn’kahet the other day, the leveling stream caught a glimpse of what exploration into Azjol-Nerub might have looked like, if we’d gotten it. I still sort of wish that had been part of the Wrath expansion. I know we got a much closer look at one branch of the aqir with the mantid in Mists, but it still would’ve been cool to see the nerubian kingdom as well. And creepy. Creepy-cool.


My first Q for the Queue..Is there a level requirement to see/purchase items from Ravika/Lemmy where they were added into the greater world a short while ago?

I read about the toy vendors from the legion entry scenario being added to stormwind/durotar. As a primarily alliance player, I logged onto my level 61 horde DK and headed out to where Ravika was supposed to be in the echo islands and she’s not there. Comments on wowhead are unclear to me if I should be able to access Ravika at level 61.

You have to be the appropriate level for the vendors, unfortunately — a character too low for Legion won’t see them. However, good news! You don’t have to level a character all the way up. It’s possible to get to the vendors super quick by simply creating a Class Trial character on the opposing faction. Complete a quest or two, sell the rewards, and you should have plenty to purchase all the goodies they have to offer.


Q4tQ: Looking at the abilities of the bosses in Nighthold (particularly Chronomatic Anomaly and Grand Magistrix Elisande), and the event happening towards the end of the Nightfallen campaign it’s clear that the theme circles around time manipulation.

Is this the “normal” use of arcane energy or is it unique to the Nightborne?

The manipulation of time and space is all part and parcel of the ninth school of magic, Transmutation. This includes spells like Blink, Slow Fall, and the ever-popular Polymorph. …considering how many cool things you can do with it, it’s no wonder that it’s also one of the most practiced and popular schools of magic. There’s a pretty cool book in Wrath-era Dalaran that talks about it a bit — it’s also part of the Higher Learning achievement. So no, it’s definitely not unique to the Nightborne at all — although just due to their isolation and the amount of power tucked away in the Nightwell, the Nightborne may have refined the fine art of Transmutation into something with a little more of a kick, to put it mildly.


Q4tQ: Why don’t Druid Cat/Bear forms have “sitting on chair” animations?

Well I don’t know about you, but while I was growing up around lots of pets the last place my mother ever wanted the animals to be was on the furniture. Seriously though, it’s just not something that was added, even though all animal forms do have a sitting animation. I imagine it’s something to do with where the model is positioned when it sits on the chair. A bear body would probably just engulf the chair, rather than sitting naturally on it — the clipping wouldn’t look right.


Random Q: does anyone know if the Salvage Yard crates still drop those class armor sets? Wondering if it’s worth it for some of my alts.

Yes they do! But you don’t really need to monkey around with the Salvage Yard. If you create a Class Trial character, they’ll be wearing the appropriate armor sets, and those set appearances will be added to your Wardrobe. …Class Trial characters are really handy, guys.


Q4tQ: Do we have an occupying force on Draenor keeping an eye on things? Or is Grom chuckling after we left to deal with the Legion and is already building a new portal?

We don’t actually know — that point was never clarified. One would assume that we left some people behind, but given the scale of the whole Legion invasion thing we’re dealing with on Azeroth, we might have pulled every able body back in order to deal with it. I mean…Draenor’s fine. We fixed it. If anything, I’m kind of wondering why nobody’s gotten Yrel on the phone and cashed in on that whole “Hey, we’ll be here if you need us” promise from the end of Hellfire Citadel. It feels like we could certainly use their help right about now, couldn’t we?

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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