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The QueueJan 28, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Don’t mention it

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

While hunting down a treasure in Highmountain, I happened upon this perfectly respectable group of Tauren engaging in a rousing bout of fisticuffs. There most certainly were no shenanigans to be found, just good, clean fun. You know what else is fun? Answering your questions — let’s just get to that part.


Q4tQ: Do you have a Legendary back-up plan? I got a second Legendary on my primary alt today, but don’t yet have the ability to wear two at once, so I’m stuck waiting the 7 days (starting about an hour ago). But I originally wanted to put on the one I just got, both because the bonus is better and because it’s 940 instead of 910. But then I realized I don’t have a non-Legendary item to put into the 910 Legendary slot! So I’m kinda stuck with using the older one until I get a half-decent replacement for it. I know, Legendary-Problems, am I right?

You know, that’s a conundrum I never really considered. I only just got my first legendary the other day, and I’ve yet to unlock the second legendary slot. Honestly, it took me so long to get one that I haven’t really given a thought as to what would happen if a second one suddenly dropped, but I see your issue here — and it’s an interesting one to me, but for different reasons. I’m wondering what happens when the expansion is over, and suddenly those legendaries are (presumably) no longer functional. Do we get some kind of filler for the slots they currently occupy? I can’t see why they wouldn’t do that.

I suppose that’s not so much an answer as it is another question, but you got me thinking anyway. I’d say best suggestion I have is to just keep an eye out for world quests that could fill that particular slot, and see what you can get — or you could farm raids, but world quests are guaranteed loot, so I think that’s a little easier.


Q4tQ: Is there a way to see what your progress towards an artifact appearance is? For instance, something that says you have killed 15/1,000 enemy players, or completed 150/200 World Quests.

There are several achievement tracking addons out there — I’ve never used one myself, but I’ve heard that Overachiever is pretty good. Alternatively, there are usually macros or scripts out there that will let you track hidden or non-trackable achievements. Those can usually be found on Wowhead — look up the achievement and check the comments. You’ll usually find at least one or two helpful souls that have sorted out how to make it happen!


My question is this. Is flying opened for all my alts or will only my main fly around BI. I don’t mind the hoops, since I’m going to jump through them anyway for my lore. But alts are a very different story. I am not trudging through blue elf town again doing those same quests again. Those have been a pain like never before. Almost reminds me of BC grinding(God those were horrible)through places that will mop the floor with you within 3 seconds unless you are on guard the whole time. Ive died in Surmar more than any other zone. I would bet I have died more than all last xpac. And that is saying a lot being a BM and using FD.

Pathfinder was an account-wide achievement in Warlords, and I don’t expect it to be any different in Legion. The whole point of the achievement — besides getting you flight, of course — is that you won’t have to unlock or purchase the flight skill for alts. So no worries, you should only need to jump through those hoops once and you’re done!


Just to make sure, Balance of Power quest line needs normal Nighthold, or it can be done in LFR later?

Unfortunately, that quest can’t be completed in LFR — it requires Normal mode or higher. None of the other raid-required steps in the chain could be completed in LFR, either. It’s only for an appearance unlock, but if you’re dead set on getting that appearance, you’ll need to find a raid group to go tackle the raid portions with.


Ok So I am questioning Monks and the Wandering Isle. By Nature it’s wandering so how exactly are we linked to Khadgar, Dalaran, or the legion? I know we have a portal but lore wise the turtle never stops so how are we even possible from that location as a class hall? Have I not gotten that far yet in questing? Is it explained? I mean we blow up the mount with the legion and then transport back to a wandering turtle? I’m lost

Well, I look at it this way — the Pandaren have Mages among their ranks, and some of those Mages went to explore the rest of Azeroth along with everyone else. Mages are pretty adept at that whole teleportation thing — and it doesn’t seem to matter where a city is.

Mages can teleport or establish a portal to Dalaran no matter if it’s floating up in Northrend or down by the Broken Shore. To me, that sort of indicates that maybe they’re going by landmark rather than physical location. They aren’t teleporting with map coordinates in mind, they’re thinking of the Violet Citadel, or any other number of familiar places in the city.

So it stands to reason that a Pandaren Mage from the Wandering Isle would be able to teleport or create a portal back to Shen-zin Su no matter where the turtle happened to wander — something that Monks could use. Keep in mind that none of this has been actually defined in lore anywhere, so it’s all speculation on my part. But it’s not an impossible situation by any means.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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