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So dance alone to the beat of your heart.

This is The Queue. My DK is all dressed up. I got my eye injections this Tuesday and now my eyes itch and I can’t scratch them and it’s maddening but hopefully the shots will keep me from going blind for a while yet. That’s why I keep getting them.

Let’s chat about stuff.


One thing I do like about this expansion that’s added a bit of “friendliness” back that we used to have with buffs – whenever I’m in a LFR, if somebody gets gear that they don’t need, I’ve seen them advertise it for other people to have.
Wasn’t too long all LFR gear was personal loot and not tradeable at all.

I’ve got a lot of upgrades this way thanks to the generosity of fellow LFR-raiders (who knew LFR could be a nice experience sometimes)?

I didn’t even know you could do this until someone tried very hard to give me his cape (I finally managed to convince him that I’d just won the same cape) in an LFR I ran recently.

What I want is the ability to trade gear I won on a Seal of Fate that isn’t an upgrade. I was wearing a necklace I got from the timewalking quest, and the exact same necklace dropped on a coin roll only for me to be utterly unable to give it away. (I couldn’t give the Timewalking one away either.) But still, I agree, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by LFR this expansion. I still don’t have a lot of motivation to run it much, but when I have it hasn’t been awful lately.


is Li’tch doing Friday?

I will be doing Friday as per usual.

It’s time.


While Warcraft’s writing isn’t always on point I don’t think its as terribad as some people make it out to be. I generally come with the expectation of a fantasy/comic book style (which seems to be Blizzard’s forte), however sometimes they don’t set up some moments properly (the aforementioned one with Malfurion in Val’Shara) or have some characterization inconsistency (Tyrande), or base plot threads on people not communicating (Inter-faction Broken Shore fail).

I think their writers are capable enough, but Blizzard as a company needs to put greater focus on having strong writing. Not just throwing their writers under the bus ‘cuz game mechanics.

I’m a minority in that I rarely have much trouble with the writing on World of Warcraft and when I do it tends to be that stuff I wanted more of, I didn’t get more of, rather than that was bad per se. I certainly don’t think you can argue that any of the zones were badly written, and so far I’ve found the Suramar zone storyline and the Nighthold to have been some of my favorite storytelling in WoW (although I still hate doing certain quests in Suramar City and I’m real tired of ‘An Illusion! What are you hiding?’) but in general, I’m pretty happy with the writing on this expansion.

I’m not happy Varian’s dead, but I can’t and wouldn’t say his death was poorly handled. If he was going to die, going out after single-handedly killing a Fel Reaver is not a bad way to go. That thing was so big one of its hands was enough to stop the Airship from escaping and Varian took it out solo. That’s pretty badass.

There’s stuff I’m not thrilled about, but honestly, some of the stuff I’ve seen complaints about seems wildly off base to me. But everyone has their own opinions — I just know that when I did the Black Rook Hold quests and fought alongside Maiev and Jarod Shadowsong I was pretty jazzed. This expansion gets an A minus from me for its writing. Mostly good, some actively great, and nothing that ruined anything for me. I think Odyn’s a jerk, but I think he’s written believably as a jerk.


I doubt we will ever get another class that is pure ranged DPS, or pure DPS at all, to be honest. So long as LFG/LFR are a thing, the experience of the game sold to players, in a very main thoroughfare element, is driven by moving queues along, and that means tempting more and more people into the “pressure roles,” the ones really “working for Blizzard” in that content.

Honestly, they did a great job at that in legion, at least for tanks, as I personally have been tempted into playing every tank spec semi-actively, they’re all fun.

… Just… not without a guild majority in 5-mans. Because ew. Every tank I have has a DPS spec for when I queue alone.

I doubt there will ever be another pure DPS because pure DPS are a terrible idea.

Yeah, I said it. A game with hybrids who can tank/DPS or heal/DPS or even tank/heal/DPS has no room for pure DPS, and the effort of keeping them balanced and viable with three DPS specs is a nightmare that only makes everything more complicated and inflates tank/healer importance and gives some egotistical players a bit of a complex. If I were able to go back in time to 2000 and somehow get to change the design of original WoW, I’d have made Rogues a tanking/DPS class (Shout out to Chank who Rogue tanked several bosses in AQ and Naxx 40 for us, including Four Horsemen), Warlocks a tanking/DPS class, Mages a Heal/DPS class and Hunters a Tank/DPS class.  Everyone would have been a hybrid from the beginning.

I sincerely doubt Blizzard would go and do that now though. The classes are two long established. But I definitely think they’re extremely unlikely to make a pure DPS ever again. A new class tends to have as broad an appeal as Blizzard can arrange, to get as many players as possible to play it. Then again, I have no idea if we’ll ever even see another class. It certainly feels like we have enough.


Varian is dead.
He exploded. There’s no flesh left of him.
He’s so dead… he’s so dead that Blizzard made a video about his after-life of eternal combat (in HotS).

If he comes as anything more than a ghost, for a moment, at the end of Legion to talk to Anduin (which would be more than enough fan-service already) would be lame.

I am generally a big fan of Varian and I didn’t like that he died, but let’s be real. Varian died horribly and finally and I really don’t want WoW to turn into the Nobody stays dead parade. It would cheapen his really rather effective death, it would undercut Anduin’s developing story as the untried King of Stormwind trying to hold the Alliance together and Genn’s new role as a mover and shaker, it’s just not something that should happen.

I don’t think anyone can say that Varian didn’t have a complete arc. It’s not like Vol’jin, who became Warchief of the Horde and then did practically nothing. Varian’s story feels tragic, but it doesn’t feel like a missed opportunity the way Vol’jin’s death does.

I wouldn’t mind Varian getting a Force Ghost moment to say goodbye to Anduin, but even that seems like more than we need. He wrote Anduin that letter and the letter was enough.

Now, I do want his sword. Make that an Artifact in the next expansion or a new Artifact Appearance for Alliance Arms/Fury Warriors.


Hi Rossi! Welcome back!
First of all, I’d love to know how did you like the new revamped Tier 6 set that is comming on 7.2.

And second, I’d like tho know if you’ll be pushing up to get it’s Mythic version

Thank you. It’s nice to be back.

To answer you, I like the basic revamp model that still looks like Tier 6, just updated. I do not care for the Mythic version, I think it’s a little too busy, frankly. The helmet and spaulders look a little too busy and I’m not fond of the tints overall. It just feels to me like it loses the charm of Tier 6 and I especially feel like the helmet is too much.

But the standard Tier 20 does a good job of updating Tier 6 without going overboard. And the various colors are nice, they make me want to run Heroic. Alas, my eyes are pretty terrible and I can’t imagine raiding harder content with less than one good eye. I’ll hopefully at least get the LFR/Normal versions.

I’d be okay with the Mythic set if not for that helmet. It’s just wrong for the set. Not a fan.


Ok so, something I still don’t fully understand. I played WoW from Vanilla to Wrath… and took a bit of a break, when I came back it was nearing the end of WoD – I was in a raid or two since then and I have done a couple dungeons too… It seems that far less drops overall and people keep talking about ‘personal loot’ and rerolls and have to set something to get a certain piece of gear…

I have no idea why they changed this, nor how to really use this feature. Is there a way to opt out?

Sorry if this is a simple thing that I am making a mountain over… but it is kinda frustrating to me.

Okay, there are three aspects to your question.

There’s your Loot Specialization, which is likely the thing you have to set to get certain kinds of gear. If you’re healing a dungeon or raid as a Holy Paladin but you already have all the healing gear you want, you can set your specialization to Retribution or Protection and specific trinkets and suchlike for those specs will drop instead. (I do this to get relics for my offspec Artifacts.) Most gear is shared across specs, but it’s worth doing for trinkets and relics.

Then there’s Seals of Broken Fate, which you can buy in Dalaran for Gold or Order Resources. These allow you to ‘spend’ a seal and get a chance to roll again for a chance on loot if nothing dropped for you already. (You can roll even if you did get something — I once got a set of pants I didn’t really need, rolled a coin and got the same pants again but Titanforged.)

Finally, there’s Personal Loot. Personal Loot made its debut in LFR, and what it is comes down to each boss, instead of dropping (as an example) three pieces of gear that the whole raid can see and roll on, instead has a chance to drop an item for you and you alone. This item will be tailored to your class and loot spec, so if you’re a Holy Paladin and your loot spec is set to Current Specialization or Holy, you’ll get a shot at relics for the Silver Hand artifact and other gear for that spec. This loot is personal — it appears for you and you alone, although as we discussed earlier if you get a piece of gear and you don’t need or want it, as long as you didn’t use up a Seal of Broken Fate to get another roll and get that item you can trade it to another player in the raid.

I realize this is kind of a quick and dirty explanation but I hope it helps. As for why the change was made, I honestly don’t know.


I’m fairly sure this has been asked on multiple occasions, but what lesser known lore character would you like to see get a bigger role in future expansions?


  • Leonid Bathalomew
  • Joanna Blueheart
  • Perith Stormhoof
  • Arko’narin
  • Jessera of Mac’Aree
  • Bloodmages Lynnore and Drazial
  • Sara Balloo
  • Fizzcrank Fullthrottle
  • Gorgonna
  • Darius Crowley
  • Champion Uru’zin
  • Journeyman Goldmine
  • Taoshi

That’s one for every playable race in the game.


Okay, let’s say goodbye for now. I’ll be back tomorrow. Take care, guys. Stay safe.

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