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Breakfast TopicFeb 5, 2017 8:00 am CT

Are you tired of Legion?

I wouldn’t say I’m tired of Legion… not quite. But I have gotten a bit bored since hitting max level and making my way through Suramar. Almost everything on my current to-do list is a dungeon (most of them Mythic) or raid, which sometimes feels like a frustrating roadblock. Now, instead of hopping online whenever I please and doing some quests, I hop online and hunt for a group to finish the quests that send me trundling through dungeons.

I know there’s LFG (at least for non-Mythics) and LFR, but after some miserably lousy groups I’m definitely wary. So now playtime is less about getting into the game when I have time and more about pre-scheduling runs with guildmates and friends. And waiting and scheduling are a lot less fun than just playing. That means I’m playing less and playing more alts when I do get on… even though eventually my alts will hit the same roadblocks.

Admittedly, I’m pretty hyped about 7.2 when we’ll be getting a mountain of new content — but I’m still a little disengaged with the game as it stands right now. But what about you, readers? Have you gotten tired of Legion yet or are you still excited about logging on every day?

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