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Dragonflight Season 2 shakes up the Mythic+ affix pools — now with even more changes

Ever since Blizzard replaced Challenge Modes with Mythic+ dungeons in Legion, there have been pools of affixes -- additional effects like Grievous or Storming that each add additional difficulty to the dungeon beyond just the baseline Mythic+ expectation of "everything has more hit points and hits harder." These affixes rotate on a weekly basis, and to keep it from getting stale, Blizzard changes things from season to season, rotating the available dungeon pool, tweaking existing affixes, and adding a seasonal affix which always appear at keystone level 10 and above.

What content do you most enjoy in an MMO?

I'll be up front -- I thought the Mission Table was the best innovation in Warlords of Draenor. Now, many years later, the news that it won't be in Dragonflight fills me with a kind of joy I wasn't aware I was capable of feeling -- a boisterous, almost terrifyingly primal exultation, like unto that you would expect to feel just before you started singing and a musical number just sort of happens.

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