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Are Legion professions worth it?

I’ve been trying to level Alchemy on my leveling stream character, but it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten very far. Unlocking most of Legion’s Alchemy recipes requires completing 32 quests, six dungeons, and the Emerald Nightmare raid. I’m now 20 quests in — which is to say that I can almost create something useful — and am beyond exhausted of professions. Why didn’t I pick two gathering professions? Why oh why was I foolish enough to try to craft things?

Though I suppose I should be glad I have the chance to craft things I’ll use: my main, a leatherworker, has a 42-quest chain which will let me craft gear fifty ilevels under what I’m wearing. (I’m currently on the final quest, which rewards a mount. And while that is an awesome reward, the quest has thus far proved beyond my ability to accomplish. Stupid Elderhorn and its tendency to leap off waterfalls.)

Professions right now feel like a lot of work without a lot of reward. Even after I finish these quest chains, higher-level recipes will require reputation grinds or lucky drops. At this rate, I might wrap up my Legion professions just before the next expansion drops… though it’s far more likely I’ll just give up by then.

So, dear readers, how are you feeling about Legion professions? Have you enjoyed the quest-based leveling process? Or are you, like me, a little run down by the leveling grind?

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