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DiscussionFeb 9, 2017 8:00 am CT

Are you going to play Heroes for the mount?

Sometimes I wonder about these ideas. The ‘For Azeroth‘ event in Heroes of the Storm has every likelihood of dragging me kicking and screaming into having to play a whole lot of HotS just so I can help someone else get a mount. I am utter and complete rubbish at HotS. I am so bad at this game, both teams lose when I play. And yet, all I have to do is play fifteen games, right? I don’t have to win them, I just have to play fifteen games while playing a Warcraft hero. How hard can it be to get my face stepped on fifteen times while playing Uther or Chromie? And then I’ll get the sweet Primal Flamesaber.

But does this actually work in terms of getting people to play a new game? If I had to play ten matches in Overwatch to get a mount I’d probably do it, but I’m also utterly terrible at that game (bad eyes and all) so I doubt I’d keep playing. I doubt I’ll keep playing HotS once I get the mount. So my question is, will this get you to play Heroes of the Storm? Will it succeed in getting you interested in continuing to play it? Because for me it’s not likely to do the latter.

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