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The Queue: A Very Light Sabre

I’ve known about this weapon for literally years, and I even knew where to get it, and I just plain never bothered despite having rolled several Gnome warriors back before it existed. And it’s very easy to get, too. Takes like five minutes. I love it most of all because it’s the exact same size as the Argent Avenger, a model I already had, but it’s a two-hander instead of a one hander so I can use it with Titan’s Grip Fury. Seriously, go roll a Gnome Warrior, play it for a few minutes, boom, you’ve got this in your transmog collection.

This is the Queue. Let’s talk about stuff.


Q4tQ: why is it that whenever I am playing I notice a million things that stick in my craw that I think should be addressed in the queue, but then once the queue thread comes up I completely blank on them? Am I being secretly mind-controlled by Kil’jaeden?


Well, now it’s not such a secret. But still, yes.


Wrath is the best expansion.
We’ve done this before and will do it again.

Wrath is the best expansion.

We all know this is subjective. There’s really no point in arguing ‘best’ expansion, surely. What we’re really arguing is favorite expansion. And that’s personal and up to each individual to answer for her or himself. Wrath isn’t my favorite expansion. Frankly, both The Burning Crusade and Mists of Pandaria would rank higher for me, and right about now I might even put Legion ahead of it. Wrath did a lot of things wrong — it recycled Naxx (a raid I did in Vanilla), barely had Ulduar out long enough to enjoy it before deploying the Big Round Room Raid, gave us the year of ICC, missed a huge opportunity to do Azjol-Nerub justice… it wasn’t a perfect expansion.

And keep in mind I got Mimiron’s Head in this expansion. I was raiding the hardest difficulty and was pretty well rewarded in loot and good times with a guild I liked being a part of. I had fun in Wrath, but nevertheless, it’s not my favorite expansion. You may feel differently, and that’s fine, everyone has different tastes. But to argue for ‘best expansion’ is essentially to say ‘Take my opinion as objective reality.’


Q4TQ (Non-Warrior Edition): Do the Leyline Pillar and Nightfallen Portal “quests” reward reputation?

Is the answer Titan’s Grip?

It’s not?

Did I just misread the question?

Hold on, I’m asking my swords, and they’re telling me the answer is absolutely Titan’s Grip.

And also that those quests do reward reputation. But mostly Titan’s Grip.


Q4TQ: So I finished the DK campaign and it really is as awesome as advertise but I’m getting kind of concerned. Isn’t the fact that the Lich King is building himself such an army again really concerning ? From what I’ve seen of 7.2 it’s only getting worse too. Bolvar is not just trying to fight the Legion, he clearly has his own motives.

Bonus question: Will Jaina become the Lich Queen? Nah just joking.. kind of.

It’s not just you. The stuff the LK says to you during the 7.2 questlines definitely comes off as a ‘Oh, wow, this is going to end badly’ sort of thing. And with Darion now one of the Four Horsemen, I don’t know if there’s anyone independent-minded enough in the Ebon Blade (minus Shivara, of course) to stand up and say no to the Lich King when he gets all ‘conquer the world and convert it to undeath’ on us again.

Strangely enough it feels to me like Bolvar is actually an even more dangerous LK than Arthas was. The new Four Horsemen are, if anything, worse than previous versions, he now basically has control of Acherus again, I’m not at all sure what will happen once the Legion has been dealt with.

And no, Jaina’s not going to be the Lich Queen. When Jaina conquers the planet we’re all going to be bowing to a living woman.


Is anyone else getting dropped to their death from the taxis? I’d say it happens to me at least once a day. I’ll be riding along and suddenly there will be a message “Transfer aborted: instance not found” and I’m am plummeting to my death. A guildie wisely suggested having a supply of goblin gliders available. But when I’m on the taxi I’m generally not paying attention and looking at the map or taking a bio or some such. I have to say I’m plenty tired of it. (I did report it in the bug forum but it still happens a LOT.)

What  happens to me is that I disconnect sometimes when I get on a griffon or zone (like, say, jumping from the Warrior class hall to Dalaran) and when I get back into the game, I fall from a great height into Azsuna and take a big chunk of damage, but I don’t usually die from it. It happens infrequently but more commonly since 7.1.5 and I have no idea what it is or why it’s happening.

So I feel your frustration, and I wish I knew why it seems to keep happening. It’s really strange.


I´ve a question for the queue.

I had surgery last December and, during this recovery period, it has been very painful for me to sit for very long periods of time. As such, i´ve been out of Wow for 2 – 3 months next March.

Given the hectic number of tasks with dailies, mythics, guilds and the very process of gearing up (Stopped at 860 ilvl) and accumulating artifact power, should i return or simply wait for the next expansion? Since i´ve been out for almost 3 months, i don´t think i can “catch up” now, at least in the short term, specially with my “sitting” problem.

So, should i quit for now or is it viable to return, even with a huge gap between me and other players?

Two things:

Can you play safely without hurting yourself? You mention you can’t sit without pain and that this is still the case. If you can’t really do that, then by all means, don’t come back. Your health and physical well being come first.

As someone who plays WoW with a lot of chronic pain, I can tell you, I really only play in bursts of two or three hours at the absolute most (usually more like an hour a day) and I keep up with stuff just fine. You can absolutely catch up – 860 is a pretty solid ilevel for running Mythics, you can hit up all LFR, and in 7.2 World Quests will give you up to 860 gear before a chance at rolling an upgrade. So instead of worrying about catching up, just consider if you want to play, and if you can do so without pain and worsening your health.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I’ll see you guys next Tuesday.

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